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What's Hiding in Your Tampons?

What’s Hiding in Your Tampons?

You deserve to know the truth, the whole truth. It’s important that we all make conscious consumer decisions to protect our bodies and our planet. I get it; it’s easy to lean into convenience and grab the easiest and cheapest thing you can for your monthly flow. So, that’s why it’s important you have all the facts to make the best decision possible. And so you don’t cheap out on your vagina, your grand central station! During your period, your vaginal walls become extremely porous; this means open and vulnerable to everything going inside. The harmful chemicals laced in modern tampons travel directly to your bloodstream and affect your whole body.


Here’s the troublemakers to be on the lookout for:



Rayon is a highly absorbent synthetic ingredient commonly associated with the increase of potential TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).



Dioxin is the chemical result of chlorine processing. It’s associated with disrupting your hormones and can negatively affect your immune system. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), “there is no safe level of exposure to dioxin.”



Chlorine is used in the bleaching processes and also leaves behind trace amounts of dioxins in the process.



Hormone-disrupting, BPA chemicals comes from producing plastic. It has been directly linked to cancer.



The umbrella term “fragrance” is not regulated or enforced to disclose all the chemicals that goes in it. Fragrance can be referred to as “chemical stew” and is very invasive to the body.


6.Non-Organic Cotton

Whether your tampons are organic or non-organic they will leave behind tiny micro fibers of cotton and potentially, chemicals that can lodge in the vaginal canal and cause a vast range of disruption. Genetically engineered cotton is laced with pesticides and herbicides which are harmful to the delicate body system.


Your rockstar alternative:

Mahina Menstrual Cup is 100% class IV health-grade silicone, sand and stone blasted together at high temperatures. That’s it. It’s completely pH neutral, non-porous, and safe for your body.

Give your vagina the best care she deserves, because you’re worth it. You will end up saving tons of cash, make a positive environmental impact and have 12 hours of freedom with zero worries of looming TSS. Win-win!


Cheers to a Healthier, Happier Period,

xx Alila Grace, Founder Mahina Cup



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