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the sacred practice of yoni steaming

The Magic of The Steam: The Sacred Practice of Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steaming. If you’re hip in the world of self care and womb wellness- you’ve probably heard of it. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, we’re here to get down and steamy. To answer some common questions, and see just what the deal is with this incredible practice. If you aren’t a devotee yet, you’ll surely be converted after just one session of what some call “A hug for your vagina.”


While it may seem like a new trend in the world of wellness, yoni steaming is a practice that goes back from ancient Mayan healers and midwives performing bajos to Korean healers with the practice of Chai-Yok.


Yoni or vaginal steaming gives us the chance to dive into the portal of the divine. To spend time with an area so many of us neglect outside of sex and birth. To purify and clear away the generations of heaviness we feel in our wombs. To deepen the intimacy and connection we have with ourselves, so that we can extend it out to the world around us.


Heat and warmth are a necessary part of our healing in many ways. In many traditional systems of medicine such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, cold equals stagnation. Heat allows things to move through. This is especially true in regards to our reproductive cycle and postpartum. Steam allows the sensitive tissues of the yoni to gently open up, while the medicinal benefits of the herbs slowly wrap around your womb, working their magic. 


The benefits of yoni steaming are endless. It helps support people through the postpartum time, fertility issues, those with fibroids, or menstrual, bacterial and hormonal imbalances. Yoni steaming helps to regulate periods, as well as ease bloating and cramping. This practice increases sensitivity, improves your sex life, and helps to heal trauma we carry in our second chakra- which is the seat of our fertitlity, abundance and creation. 


To set up your yoni steaming area, you will first need a seat. Mahina sells beautiful, wooden seats- lovingly handmade on the island of Hawai’i. Get one for yourself hereSimply place your seat over a metal bucket, with a heat resistant safe bowl to hold your steamy mixture.


Now for the steam itself. You can use our blessed, all organic, wildcrafted, yoni steam herbal blend by ordering online. We always encourage fresh herbs if you have them available. By creating an experience around cultivating and tenderly picking your herbs, you create a ritual around your connection with the land, and the land within you. 


If you choose to create your own mixture, here are some common herbs to pick from:


Calendula: Has anti inflammatory properties, helps to aid in the healing of scar tissue, vaginal tears, and hemorrhoids, making it great for postpartum. 


Lavender: Known for its incredible calming properties, this peaceful plant helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.


Rosemary: Another powerful plant packed with antimicrobial abilities. Rosemary helps to inhibit yeast growth and stimulate menstruation.


Mugwort: With its wonderful antifungal abilities, mugwort is a great all around addition to your herbal blend. It also helps to balance female hormones.


Basil: This beautiful botanical has been shown to help ease painful periods. It aims to minimize cramps, PMS, and other issues.


Please do not use essential oils in your steam, as they are too concentrated for the delicate tissues of the vagina.


Make sure to allow your to herbs steep long enough to fully reap the benefits. About 5 minutes in boiling water, and an additional 10 with the lid covered and the heat off. Wave your hand over the mixture to make sure it isn’t too hot before taking your seat.


Like many self care practices, we urge you to create a ritual around your yoni steam. Start by setting the space- clearing the area, lighting candles, incense or using aromatherapy, dim the lights, and breathe deeply to ground down into your body. Cover you feet and body to keep the warmth inside- especially in the postpartum time.


Soak in the magical medicine you have created for yourself for 20-35 minutes, you may need to swap out the water mid-steam if it loses too much of its heat. You can put on calming music, a guided meditation, or simply sit in quiet- taking it all in. 


During this deep practice, you may have hidden things coming up. Allow it to move through you, tears, moans- whatever it maybe. Remember that the only way out is through. Feel it, digest it, and let it pass.


Yoni steaming is not recommended for those are currently pregnant, have an iud, have open wounds, or are currently menstruating- although it is great in the week leading up to your period. If you are steaming postpartum, wait about 5 days or if you had a c-section 6 weeks. 

with steamy love, Alila Rose Grace CEO of Mahina Menstrual Cup

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