swimming and your period with Mahina Menstrual Cup

Swimming + your period

Shark week doesn’t mean shark bait.

Let’s debunk swimming and your period.

Listen love, you can be a mermaid, enjoy catching waves and floating in the sea while on your period. In fact, being in the water, defying the weight of gravity, is the best way to relieve cramps and that heavy feeling that comes in town with Aunt Flow. 


I personally love to hang at the beach while on my period. I love the warmth of the sun, I love allowing my body to melt into the sand and I love to float in the water, weightlessly. With the Mahina Cup in place, I feel confident and free to enjoy a beach day + period day at the same time. 


I’m going to let you in on a little secret. 


Tampons absorb from both ends. Yes, that means if you are swimming and wearing a tampon, whatever water you are in, whether ocean or pool, you are absorbing into your bloodstream via a tampon. 


The pores in the vaginal canal during your cycle are extremely open and porous, which means they are extra receptive to anything you put inside. 


Tampons + Swimming = ocean bacteria, fishy fecal matter, the guy that peed over there or harsh pool chemicals are all absorbed into your vaginal canal and directly into your blood streams. This massively increases the risk of bacterial infection and disrupting the ph balance of your delicate vagina. 


Anything absorbent, like pads or undies, will absorb the liquid around you, thus leaving no room to absorb your flow. 


Mahina Menstrual Cups are the safest and best way to enjoy swimming and your period! 


They create a suction around the vaginal canal so nothing gets in, and nothing gets out. 


And you can leave your Mahina Cup in for up to 12 hours.


Add swimming and your period to your weekend plans. 


Pack your beach bag, grab your suit, put in your Mahina Cup and give yourself a period that you love!



with aloha,

Alila Rose Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup 

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