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  • 5-7 points

    New Moon Size 0: Our smallest size menstrual cup for those beginning their menstrual journey.
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  • 8-11 points

    Full Moon Size 1: The ninja menstrual cup for sisters in their childbearing years with a lot of ground to cover.
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  • 12-15 points

    Super Moon Size 2: Our super mom, super moon menstrual cup that covers the heaviest of flows for the busiest mamas.
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If you are in between sizes, remember that once your Mahina Menstrual Cup is inside, you won’t feel a size difference. I love to go up a size when appropriate as it gives me more time to bleed with confidence. I find that the smaller size can overflow on heavy days or overnight. Ask yourself if it’s more important to have 12 hours between changes or a smaller cup. Message us with any further questions. Xx

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