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Reconnecting With Our Natural Rhythm

I have big goals, ambitious dreams, a neverending drive to create, and make an impact on the world. Sometimes in the midst of all this production and creation, there’s a lapse in what we’re truly here for. Sometimes we lose sight of our “why”: Connection.


Connection to ourselves. To our loved ones. To nature. It all comes down to connecting to the world around and within you. Those times of complete bliss. Of fully surrendering to the moment. The joyous, depth of the moments that make up what we call life. 


Last week, I spent three days away from my loving daughter Andara. After returning from my work trip, my baby was feeling anxious and clingy. It was apparent that her nervous system was over-stimulated, after days of worrying if her Mama would ever come back.


We are made of this Earth. So when things seem just a little (or a lot) off, one of the quickest ways to reset is to return from where we came from. After a beautiful camping trip, I am reminded of the profound power of grounding down.


Let’s take a look at some of the incredible ways spending time in nature can reset you on a physiological level.


Fresh Air


Living in smog filled cities, means having our lungs and bodies be constantly filled by muck and mire. Sometimes we forget the power that concentrated oxygen can have on our well being. The healing power of being surrounded by the never ending dance of breath between us and the trees.


Sweet Sunshine


Like we discussed a few weeks ago in our blog on Safe Sun Optimization, the Sun is our friend. We live in harmony with it, and are by the definition of the word- solar powered. So when we give ourselves time to (safely) soak in its radiant rays, we are rewarded with endless benefits. Better moods, clearer skin, clarity of mind, and so much more.


Screen Free Time


We are surrounded by screens. So much of our lives are through these little devices that live by our sides. But as we become increasingly more dependent on them, we need to make an extra effort to spend time away from them as well. The blue light in screens affects our hormone levels such as dopamine and melatonin. Over time, this can have detrimental effects on our moods and sleep. And while there are so many incredible tools offered by the internet and social media, we cannot live our lives through our screens. Sometimes we need reminders that this isn’t all that life is about. 


Being Barefoot


We are designed to work harmoniously with nature. We are nature, after all. When we wear shoes and walk on concrete all day, we disrupt this gentle pattern. The Earth has a negative ionic charge. Our bodies are about 60% water. When we walk barefoot on the Earth, our bodies ground to this negative charge. This connection can reduce inflammation throughout the body, calm nerves, soothe anxiety, regulate hormones and physiological cycles, and detoxify our beings. 


Sleeping Under The Stars


As creatures of the daylight, we are made to rise and fall with the Sun. Fluorescent lights, unnatural schedules, and alarm clocks all take us out of our natural circadian rhythm. When we sleep under the stars, we naturally wake when the sun rises. Watching the sunrise energizes and syncs us up with the natural cycles of the universe. 




There’s nothing more fulfilling than spending time in nature with the ones you love. We are social creatures. Yet are often so busy, that we don’t give ourselves space to connect without these distractions. Camping is the perfect time to do this. Times where the only things on your mind are what’s for dinner and what song to jam to next. This is what we’re here for.


So I encourage you- take the time. The time to be in nature. To reconnect with what and who we are. To be with the people that matter most to you in life. Savor the sweetness of fresh bodies of water. Of slightly overcooked campfire food. Of cuddles under the stars. Take in the best gifts life has to offer.

in connection and harmony, Alilia Rose Grace, CEO Mahina Menstrual Cup


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