Yoni Shakti Bundle

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Are you ready for a complete yoni charge up!? This beautiful bundle of Mahina Cup, Yoni Blossom Wand and Radiant Jade Yoni Egg is the perfect package to blast you into the next level of your embodiment. The Yoni Blossom Wand will clear out your vagina of everything that’s old or dense, the Radiant Jade Yoni Egg will assist you in harnessing your sexual energy and seeding desires into manifestation and the Mahina Menstrual Cup will offer you a beautiful and luxurious moon time experience. This bundle is to awaken Shakti (Divine Feminine life-force energy) within you.

The feminine path of enlightenment is through our bellies and our yonis. The trick is taking out the trash so we can re-decorate our insides with the Love and Light that we intrinsically are.. also leave some room for funk and sass! If you are ready to become a magnet, bringing all that you desire to you, then this bundle is for you!
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