Virtual V-Steam Ceremony


I am beyond stoked to answer this call for a global virtual v-steam. We will gather, steam our yoni’s (sacred source), pray, sing, honor the sisterhood, and honor the earth + space in which we were all birthed.

The benefits of yoni steaming are profoundly magical, deeply mystical and physically tangible.

  Some benefits of Steaming your Yoni:
➵ Balance + regulate hormones
➵ Increase circulation + sensitivity
➵ Boost lubrication (hello juicy yoni)
➵ Detoxify the vaginal canal
➵ Lift + tone the Uterus
➵ Expel old lovers, patterns, densities
➵ Alleviate PMS symptoms
➵ Bring the reproductive system back into vitality
WARNING: You will transform into a juicy overflowing goddess, who knows herself and her purpose in life if done properly and regularly.
Who it's not for:
➵ Those that chose to remain stuck, in pain, in victim-hood, or in symptoms.
**Please have a proper yoni steam set up, either from us (order here) or another professional + specifically allocated yoni steam stool, spa, (birth stool) etc.  
Counter-indications: Do not steam your vagina if you are on your period or pregnant.
You will receive the zoom invitation + how to prepare after you sign up.
Next Ceremony:
Saturday, June 6th 2pm PST