Super Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup – Size 2

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Our super mom, superhero menstrual cup that covers the heaviest of flows and busiest of ladies.

Our super mom, superhero menstrual cup that covers the heaviest of flows and busiest of ladies.  Mahina Cup empowers all women to have a luxurious period.
  • 100% USA Made
  • Voted #1 in comfort
  • Zero Waste
  • Zero Chemicals
  • Cost Effective
Mahina Menstrual Cup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits snuggly in the vaginal canal, just below the cervix. Mahina Cup is produced from the highest quality Medical Grade, Class VI Silicone, safe to use and easy to clean. Wear Mahina Cup happily for up to 12 hours for all your favorite activities. Mahina Cup collects moon blood, rather then absorbs it and you simply empty it rather than change it. Mahina Cup is made to last up to 10 years! Mahina Cup is the #1 solution for the modern women, offering menstrual liberation and luxury like never before! Mahina Cup invites you to get to know your body and your moon-time process in a way that is inviting and full of discovery.

3 reviews for Super Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup – Size 2

  1. Dani Dougherty CPM

    I’ve been using a menstrual cup for over a decade, but my cycle returned after I gave birth to my 3rd child at 33, my old Diva cup didn’t fit quite right and I began having some embarrassing leakage issues. I would have to wake up in the middle of the night to empty my cup. In divine timing I was fortunate to come across the Mahina cup through a blessed connection with Alila. As a midwife, I am well aware that yonis come in various shapes and sizes, so I love that Mahina cup has options to allow for a perfect fit for each woman’s unique anatomy. I am amazed by the “super-moon” Mahina cup. I can sleep all night without needing to empty it and haven’t had any leaking whatsoever! The silicone is super softer and pliable and much easier to insert and remove. I’m loving my new Mahina cup and will be singing it’s praises to all my midwifery clients and mama friends… to the moon and back!

  2. Cleia hu

    I had an extremely heavy and painful period. My boys are all grown up and I’m close to being done with my cycle. I was hesitant to try Mahina Cup because my flow seemed unmanageable and I’m a busy woman and didn’t want to deal with extra mess. I finally gave mahina cup a try after getting to the end of the line needing pain meds and staying home from work on my heavy days. I am so happy with my decision – Mahina Cup super moon offered me 12 hours of freedom plus my cramps and pain went away! It has been a clean and easy switch plus I’m saving money and waste! Definitely give it a try even if your skeptical like I was, it’s been an amazing experience.

  3. Ariella Upton (verified owner)

    I am a total newbie to menstrual cups and was timid to try one. Since starting my period at 12, I had never felt comfortable with a tampon in, but pads always limited my activities during my moon time. These cups are amazing because I don’t have to sacrifice living my life for comfort.. I can have BOTH. I also love how much waste is reduced by using a cup v. pad (not to mention saving money!!) Thank you, Mahina Cup for an amazing product!!

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