Mahina Deep Steam Yoni Seat


Lovingly hand-made and blessed on the sacred island of Hawai’i from all natural wood and an organic beeswax stain. These yoni steam seats are convenient, comfortable, travel friendly and the best way to create a home yoni spa. They are specially designed to promote deep relaxation while directing the channel of herbal medicine directly to your luscious yoni.  Why worry about squatting over a boiling pot when you can press the easy button and get better results?!

With the Mahina Deep Steam Yoni Seat, we have taken the guessing game out of creating a luxury at home yoni spa. This potent and ancient self-care practice will be an absolute game changer.
➵ Discover how steaming your yoni will change your life.
➵ And how this ancient art will lead to a pain-free period.
Every purchase comes with a beautiful complementary guide and activating shamanic womb meditation to support your yoni steaming journey.
To complete your yoni spa you will need Mahina Yoni Steam Herbs, or fresh herbs if available, a 5 gallon BPA free painters bucket (available at any hardware store) and a glass, metal or ceramic bowl. It's super simple, extremely powerful and we are here to guide you along the way.