Mahina Deep Steam Yoni Herbs


Our blessed and highest quality yoni steam herbs are 100% organic and wild-crafted for your yoni spa delighting. We consciously create our unique blends to best serve your healing and awakening journey. Each satchel is 4oz of herbal goodness.

We are huge supporters of fresh herbs when you can get them. It's an amazing way to tune into the land, whether it's your home land or a foreign land you are traveling. However, when fresh isn't available we got you covered. Please comment in your order with your blend of choice from the list below or let us know if you need more specific support.
  • ➵ Harmonizing Hormones
  • ➵ Postpartum Pampering (supports birthing repair, hormones, and toning/lifting uterus)
  • ➵ Yoni Detox (good for bladder or vaginal infections as well as supports the energetics of cutting old cords both in the womb and the heart)
  • ➵ Wisdom Keeper (menopause)