Yummy Yoni Bundle

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Yummy Yoni?? YES PLEASE! A yummy yoni is created from the inside out. It is a pH balanced, juicy, toned and succulent yoni. A yummy yoni is a magnet of manifestation and is a youth elixir. This bundle was inspired to support you in returning to your essence and ecstatic embodiment. Our Love Your Yoni Steam Spa is a powerful tool to bring the uterus back on her throne, so she knows she’s boss and she can start directing the show. Trust us, life is better when your yummy yoni is in charge!

This bundle provides you with a solid foundation for holistic yoni health and wellness. With regular yoni steams, your period will be easy, light, pain-free, clot-free and an enjoyable experience. Add Mahina Menstrual Cup into the mix - MAGIK! Who can resist a magical yoni?
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