Full Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup – Size 1

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The ninja menstrual cup for sisters in their childbearing years with a lot of ground to cover.

Mahina Cup Full Moon - Size 1 The ninja menstrual cup for sisters in their childbearing years with a lot of ground to cover. Mahina Cup empowers all women to have a luxurious period.
  • 100% USA Made
  • Voted #1 in comfort
  • Zero Waste
  • Zero Chemicals
  • Cost Effective
Mahina Menstrual Cup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits snuggly in the vaginal canal, just below the cervix. Mahina Cup is produced from the highest quality Medical Grade, Class VI Silicone, safe to use and easy to clean. Wear Mahina Cup happily for up to 12 hours for all your favorite activities. Mahina Cup collects moon blood, rather then absorbs it and you simply empty it rather than change it. Mahina Cup is made to last up to 10 years! Mahina Cup is the #1 solution for the modern women, offering menstrual liberation and luxury like never before! Mahina Cup invites you to get to know your body and your moon-time process in a way that is inviting and full of discovery. **Receive your exclusive Radiant Feminine Guide upon purchase**

2 reviews for Full Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup – Size 1

  1. Isabella

    Mahina Cup is an amazing find! I love to see a company that cares about the environment, about its customers, and about providing a genuine quality product. The material of the actual cup is softer than any other menstrual cups that I’ve used in the past. The size range is amazing, and everyone that I’ve recommended try it out has been so happy they did because they were able to find a size that worked for them; when other brands have fallen short. This cup actually is an incredibly luxurious and gratifying experience to use! Thank you Mahina!

  2. Sofia

    I recently purchased a size 0 for my second time menstrual cycle postpartum. While the recommendation is that size 0 is for pre baby, I decided on this size because I do have a strong pelvic floor and also I’m a stay at home mom so if needed I can clean my cup easy on heavy days. I was a bit skeptical at first to be honest and now that I’ve tried it I am so stoked! It’s so simple to use, it feels dainty and cute, I can’t feel it’s there, no leakage and I can relax knowing I am not creating trash and supporting a local business in Hawaii. I see myself in the future possibly getting a bigger size for maybe long hiking/camping/bike touring trips. Oh and it comes with a cute booklet of femme magic. If you live on Maui, find it at Mana.

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