Alchemy Coaching with Alila Grace


Alchemy Coaching sessions with Alila Rose Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup.

Get ready for a high activation, devotional deep dive that will be eye opening, heart melting and pussy activating.

Restore balance, unleash your orgasmic nature, and step into your magnetic radiance to attract all you desire.

Alila will speak to your soul and help you create a stable bridge on your path of healing and awakening.

What Can I Expect?

You can expect deep shamanic guidance, energy work, soulful revelations, tantric/breathing exercises, womb meditations, and homeplay that will keep the fire lit in between our sessions. Expect to feel safetly held, deeply heard and unconditionally honored. Alila will assist you in creating access points inside your body that you can continue returning to for wisdom and healing.

She blends her embodiment of Divine Feminine awakening and relentless optimism with modern modalities of holistic health, neuroscience and somatic experiencing. Alila has a profound ability to weave the ancient with the present moment.

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Alila is a menstrual advocate as well as a holistic sex and wellness educator. She is an international speaker and writer, encouraging woman to embody their radiance and reclaim their personal power. Alila is a mamapreneur, deeply passionate about inspiring women to honor our planet and bodies. She has traveled many corners of the globe, receiving ancient wisdom traditions and translating them into accessible practices for our modern lives.
Your soul is in for a treat!

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