100% Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg


This Jade Yoni Egg is an amazing tool for ancient practices of healing womb trauma, toning the pelvic floor, awakening dormant energies, increasing fertility and expanding orgasmic potential! 100% natural and genuine nephrite Canadian Jade.

The eggs are approximately 1 & 1/4 inch long by 1 inch wide (4.3cm long x 2.7cm wide).
All Jade Eggs come in a 100% organic cotton storage pouch,  a potent user guide to support and activate your journey plus a complementary charging meditation.
Amazing benefits of incorporating a Jade Yoni Egg practice into your self-care:
  • Feel more anchored and centered in Self
  • Lift and tone uterus and pelvic floor
  • Strengthen yoni (vaginal) canal
  • Cultivate shakti -  divine feminine life force energy
  • Increase radiance and magnetism
  • Embody your succulent and sensual nature
  • Heighten orgasmic potential
  • Healing and clearing of traumas, wounds and lovers
  • Activate dormant muscles and energy centers
  • Build a positive relationship with sexuality
  • Experience purposeful ecstacy
Women have used yoni eggs for centuries to tighten and tone their uterus, bladder and entire pelvic floor muscles, while increasing overall pleasure and chi (life-force energy).  Those that mastered the practices carried the key to youth, radiance, vitality and power. The secrets of this practice remained hidden in the Royal Palace of Ancient China and was taught only to the Queen and her concubines.  Eventually the mysteries were revealed, and as the Yoni Egg has been gaining popularity as a woman’s most ancient and powerful weapon for health and longevity, we all get to enjoy the mysteries. 
There is a natural evolution with the Yoni Eggs and one always begins with Jade. Only your yoni will tell you when you are ready to move to obsidian, and then on to rose quartz. Jade is the most gentle, nourishing and dreamy of all the stones. It will assist you in finding a loving space with your sacred womb temple. Then one moves onto obsidian, which is the most powerful healer and detoxifier of wounds, traumas, ancestral threads, and all previous lovers. Obsidian will strip you down and leave behind a depth of emptiness that only the vibration of unconditional love that the rose quartz offers can sooth.
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