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Period Sex – 7 things you want to know

Period sex is one of the biggest taboo topics in our western society. Though, according to the Ancient Tantric Teachings, it’s one of the most mystical and magical practices. They were masters of the veils, or the places in time where there was access between worlds, the underworld and the world in which we know. The underworld, also known as the shadow world, can be a scary place for you to dive into. It’s like a black hole where you can lose your sense of time/space reality. If you’re anything like me, ie. control freak, you will find this ‘never never land’ absolutely terrifying! 


The exciting thing is, you can journey down this rabbit hole, discover some treasures and bring them back to beautify your life. Everytime you go into the underworld, it will reveal something to you. This revelation is a gift that you only get by surrendering completely into the abyss. 


Ok, before I lose you in the rabbit hole, let’s jump back to the topic at hand – period sex. 


Firstly, your period is NOT dirty, toxic or in any way a carrier of a deadly infectious disease (unless you are truly ill, then whatever is in your body will be also in your blood).  Period sex is not gross, smelly, or anything to be ashamed of wanting. It’s more likely your partner will be into it or open to discussing it then totally turned off. 


Every month, your uterus sheds the life giving nutrients that were created to build a home for a potential baby. When no baby is planted on your uterine wall, the body gives a signal to the brain to release a cocktail of hormones that will cause the shedding of this home, or lining. 


Period Sex is 100% a personal choice and up to you and your partner how much, or little, you feel to experiment. You can always begin by dabbling in period play and keep an open dialogue with your partner and go further when you are both ready. 


Consent is sexy and a key component in fore-play! 


The juicy benefits + how to’s of Period Sex:

  • Create mess-friendly zones ⁠


A lot of the hate mail around period sex is the anticipation of the mess. So nix that anxiety and create a mess friendly zone, or shack up in the shower. Bring lots of dark towels or a special blanket used just for period play. Don’t have anything around that makes you nervous to stain. Incessant thoughts of staining your sheets is so not a turn-on. If you do get a stain or streak while tossing in the sheets, hydrogen peroxide directly on the spot and immediately wash will do the trick.

  • Increased sensation ⁠

The pores of the vaginal canal are open and engorged on your period, meaning more sensitivity and orgasmic sensation. Try playing with slowing down and enjoying all the subtle sensations.

  • It’s a natural lubricant


This one doesn’t need too much explanation – just imagine, slip and slide. 


  • Orgasms decrease cramping and general PMS symptoms ⁠

When the body is flooded with oxytocin, or the love hormone, it acts as a barrier between your brain and the sensation of pain. ⁠Your body can’t experience both pleasure and pain at the same time, so it chooses the dominant one. I don’t know about you, but I would order up an appetizer of pleasure over pain any day!


  • Orgasms help to expel the blood 


When you orgasm, your uterus bounces as it contracts and releases the pleasure waves. This bouncing and contracting will increase circulation in your uterus and support blood flowing out, which may lead to a shorter period (fingers crossed!).

  • Manifestation station

On your period, you are the most open both physically and psychically. By setting intentions and talking about your visions, you are pumping vital life force into your dreams. When you + your partner come together (pun intended), it is the most powerful force on the planet and like a rocket boost for your goals. 

  • Later sperm ⁠

The ph balance of your vaginal canal will be too acidic for sperm, hence killing them before they reach your cervix, aka. you won’t get pregnant.  


This is based on the most common 28-34 day cycle, however as you get closer to the end of your cycle, depending on your ovulation schedule it can get risky, so play protected.⁠ Your period is not a form or birth control, however is usually a good indicator of a few days of infertility. 


Tell us below, have you experimented with period sex?

Remember, follow the cues of your body, trust your breath and overall, have fun.

If any point if feels like too much, stop, breathe and communicate.

with period yum,

Alila Rose Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup 


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