Our Mission


We Stand for Women's Empowerment

& Hold the Vision of a Cleaner Planet

Mahina Menstrual Cup has a deep love and respect for women and for our planet.

We believe it's all female's birthright to bleed cleanly, consciously and confidently. We are passionate about offering the 'best of class' period solution for women in all stages of her cycle while actively giving back to our sisters in need so that all women everywhere may enjoy her divine flow.

What we stand for:


We hold ourself to the highest standards, truth is our north star and your trust is our everything.


We vow to leave this planet better then we found it.


All are welcome, all are safe, all are home here.


Everyone with a womb deserves to bleed hygienically, with dignity and with clean water.


We know that with wisdom comes power, and we want you to remember your power within.


Liberation is a state of being, and it's our goal that you experience the Joy that is your birthright.


We honor and bow to all of life.


We are a place to remember, a place to gather, a place to charge up and a place of refuge.

We are a community of passionate sisters eager to see our world a better place.

We are your tribe.