Our Story


Aloha! I'm Alila Grace, founder of Mahina Cup

While living in India in 2012, Alila Grace (Founder), noticed the lack of proper sanitary protection for the local girls and women. Her sweet Indian host told her that she couldn’t ever hide when she was on her period, as her rags were bigger than diapers. She explained that she often had to stay home from work and school, shaming her body and her cycle. Then to add to the distortion, the menstrual waste would pile up in the local rivers and fresh water sources.

Alila saw a need and began selling Mahina Cups to the tourists out of her backpack so she could gift them to the local girls. She focused on education and community building, offering sister circles, holistic fertility workshops and building an online forum.

Upon rooting down on the Big Island, Hawai'i in 2013, Mahina Cup has continued to educate, bring awareness to the public and grow in size and outreach. Alila finds great passion and purpose in sharing simple and effective ways to support the planet while feeling radiant, empowered and feminine.

We are a family run local business based on Big Island, Hawai’i. We are mission driven to do our part in keeping our planet healthy and clean! 

Check out our Global Sisterhood Initiatives to see our ongoing service projects.


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