Is The Mahina Cup Right For Me?


The Mahina Menstrual Cup is a Perfect Fit for You If:


You're environmentally conscious and you want to help keep our planet clean by supporting eco-luxurious products that suit all your needs

You love to save money every month

You love embodying the sexy, badass divine feminine Goddess in you

You love to stay healthy, fit and active and want a menstrual cup that will offer you 12 full hours of leak free protection.

You want to honor your moon cycle as a sacred experience connecting you to Mother Earth

The Mahina Menstrual Cup offers menstrual liberation and luxury like never before.

Mahina Cup invites you to get to know your body in a way that is inviting and full of discovery. Mahina Cup is the Sacred, Simple and Sexy Option to connecting with your monthly moon cycle.

Mahina Cup is made to last up to 10 years - now that's freedom!