How to use Mahina Cup

There are several folding techniques to insert the Mahina Menstrual Cup. The most practical way is shown on the image below.

Take your time.

This is a process of learning a new technique, it may take a few tries, but you'll get the hang of it in no time. Before you know it, it will become second nature and feel totally natural.



STEP 1: Wash your hands

It is most important to take care of your body with good hygiene, especially during your period.

STEP 2-3: Fold your Mahina Cup

With one finger push down on the side edge all the way to the bottom. Your Mahina Cup will form the shape of a tulip.

STEP 4: Tulip

Take your Mahina Cup tulip into your dominant hand, holding at the base with your thumb and first finger.

STEP 5: Insert

Get into a comfortable squat position, we recommend away from the toilet especially for your first time and trying in the shower is the best! Take an exhale, relax your vagina and slowly insert Mahina Cup into your vaginal canal. Some women prefer to face the tulip up and others have more ease with it down, so experiment to find the best for your body. Be sure to place your cup so the whole thing is inside, sitting just below your cervix.

STEP 6: Turning

Once Mahina cup is inside, run your finger along the rim of your cup to be sure it opened fully. To ensure an effective suction, with your thumb and first finger holding the base of your cup, gently twist in a downward movement.

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Taking out

STEP 1: Wash your hands

Ensure your hands are clean every time you handle Mahina Cup.

STEP 2: Break the vacuum

You take out Mahina Cup by squeezing the base and slowly pulling down in a zigzag-motion. The squeezing allows some air to enter the cup, allowing it to come out easier.  Be sure not to tilt the cup until you are ready to empty it, while removing the base of the cup pull straight down as to not accidentally spill your blood.

STEP 3: Empty

You simply empty your moon blood in the toilet or sink. As an alternative, you can collect your blood in a simple container to later pour onto the land and/or garden. Tip: your blood is the most potent fertilizer! If I am out and about – I like to send my potent, life giving moon-blood down with gratitude and appreciation!

STEP 4: Wash

It is important to use cold water when you wash the cup. The combination of warm water and blood can cause stains on the silicone. Cold water allows the blood to wash away quickly without a trace. If there is no tap with running water near the toilet, you can take a bottle with clean water to the toilet or use toilet paper as an alternative.

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Boiling Your Mahina Menstrual Cup

Only at the start of your period is it necessary to boil your Mahina Cup. By putting it in a pot of boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes, any bacteria and filth will be gone. Alternatively you can use a natural soap or put it in a cup with some drops of Tea Tree oil. Check that any residue is washed away before using Mahina Cup.

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There is a small stem attached to the base of Mahina Cup. This is for a reference point rather than to use to ‘pull’ out your cup. Tugging on your cup by the steam will result in feeling like your cup is stuck. Squeeze the base of your Mahina Cup to release the suction and the steam provides more surface to hold onto.

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After cleaning Mahina Cup it is best to store it in the bag that you received her in. Clean and dry; ready for your next moon. Do not keep Mahina Cup in a plastic or any sealed bag. Fresh air prevents fungus to grow.

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