How to Make Your Flower Blossom


Did the rose 

Ever open its heart 

And give to this world 

All its 


It felt the encouragement of light 

Against its Being. 


We all remain 





Happy love day.

In our world, v-day is vagina day. 

It’s the day when there is a collective focus on love, intimacy, and gifting bundles of blossoming flowers. 

What makes your flower blossom?


Consistent water and attention are the 2 main ingredients for a healthy budding and luscious flower.

Water is the daily nourishment of the heart, such as words of affirmation, acts of service and touch + affection.

Essentially your daily watering is the daily receiving of your love language – ie. the ways in which you perceive you are receiving love from another. 

The best and most effective way to get this daily water is to let your honey know specifically what makes your flower blossom. 

In the same way that telling your sweets what you love in bed will assist them in getting all the right gears working. Letting your love know how you receive love will give them the insight to shower you in the perfect elixir for your opening. 


Your V is also eager to blossom, to life itself.

And this is an inside job. 

Knowing what you love to receive will assist you on this journey. Because now it is your turn to practice on yourself! How amazing, you get to test run your own deep drink on yourself and then share the juicy details with someone you love. 


Approach your honey from a place of inner turn on, not needing them to turn you on.


Make your V your BFF today (and everyday). 

Tell her how much you love and appreciate her. 

Gift her acts of service like a v-steam or herbal detox treatment

Offer her plenty of touch + affection. This can be a self yoni massage or jade egg play.


How are you going to open the rose of your heart?

The world is ready for you to share your beauty. 

Blossom sister blossom! 

Share what makes you open below x


With V-power

Alila Rose Grace, CEO and Founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup 


Bonus Juicy v-day treats for your PlAYsure: 


  • One of my long-standing fav ways to blossom with my honey is to make a raw cacao mousse or syrup. Get creative and prepare it with sensual music. It’s a magical and delicious way to initiate intimacy and play. Paint each others sweet spots and slowly nibble, lick and bite away. Tip: you may want to move into the shower at some point.


  • Set up a sacred space. Light some candles and invite your sweetie to drop into deep presence with you. Close your eyes and breathe for 2-5 mins or until you both feel you have arrived in the container. Lovingly gaze into your beloved’s eyes and begin to breathe in each other’s breath. Their exhale is your inhale. Their inhale is your exhale. Imagine inhaling their essence into your yoni and breathing it out of your heart. Let your lover receive you (breath into) his heart and breathe out from his cock. Continue with this circular breath, allowing it to become a wave like dance. Tip: Love making in this way is a potent way to increase orgasmic sensation and elongate the session. This is touching on an ancient tantric practice called yab-yum.


  • Play dress up. This may need a bit of prep or pre-thought. Find out what your beloved’s fantasy is, or share yours. Always create a safe space and take a moment to clear your field so you can authentically drop into your roles. Have fun and keep it light. Tip: agree a safety word beforehand. 


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