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How to Clear Past Lovers from your Womb, Heart and Mind in 30 Days

The natural biology of women is to open and receive. We take in. Our womb is the grand central station storehouse for everything we experience. It imprints all of our interactions, emotions and stories, the good the bad and everything in between. 


This mechanism serves us in some ways. It creates bonding and deep connection with our lover, our children, and our experiences. We are able to take in their full essence. It can also create a massive entanglement of energy if we are not remaining open, clear and consistently & consciously recirculating the energy. 


Imagine this, your womb is an empty space. Every intimate encounter creates a groove, like a scar, inside your womb. The bigger the attachment or experience, the deeper the groove. These grooves become like pathways, which pull our energy and attention to re-circuit over and over again. It’s like a hiking trail that has already been cleared for us. We naturally lean into exploring what’s comfortable and has been walked before. 


The more encounters you have, the more grooves you will create inside. All of these encounters come with their own stories, lessons, and DNA imprints. If we are not consistently cleaning house, we repeat the same patterns and continue to manifest the same relationship story line with a different face attached to it. We may become depressed or heavy with the weight of many energies inside of us. We can also feel confused about our purpose or path because of the conflicting essences at play.


The first step to regaining your sovereignty is to decide, to firmly commit, that you are ready to reclaim your space. Be honest, no more ‘trying!’ If you continue to read on, you are committed to ‘doing.’ 


If you follow this plan for 30 days, with all of you, you will clear all past lovers from your womb, heart and mind. You will feel lighter, clearer and more radiant. You will have a better sense of your purpose and your personal magnetism. You will be prepared to up-level your connections and manifest a next-level lover; the one you long for and the one you deserve. 


It’s within reach sister.


Let’s go! 





Yoni (vaginal) steaming is an amazing way to clear out your womb of unwanted energies and cords. Every night herbal medicine will be steeped in your clear and decisive intentions to detoxify your sacred space. The steam will open the pores of your vaginal canal, soften your cervix, and travel into your womb space. It will start to massage clear and pull out everything that is not serving your higher self. Your womb wants you to be in full alignment with your soul mission, so she will assist you in this work.  


Everyday/evening you will prepare the space, set the intention and allow for 20 minutes. You will be led to invite your body to open, release and remember. 


**It is contraindicated to steam while on your period, so start after your period begins or take a break when she comes and continue with the mediations. Never steam while pregnant!**


Pick up your DIY Yoni Steam Spa Kit here which will include a detailed user’s guide plus a guided shamanic womb journey to support you. 





Ok let’s face it, how often do you catch yourself trailing off into thoughts of your ex. Processing undigested experiences, suddenly finding yourself curious about what they are posting on Facebook, or sending texts just to see how they are doing?! 


If you are serious about clearing your mental space, you need to become a serious mind ninja! 

This means watching your thought patterns 24/7. 

Where does your mind go to when you are in the car? 


Drifting off to sleep at night? 


If your mind is anything like mine, it LOVES to make up stories – all kinds of stories, and especially ones that justify its ego. This is a big, fat invitation to LET IT ALL GO… all of it! Every time your mind thinks of an ex, I want you to picture them in your minds eye, melt your shoulders down your back, soften your heart and repeat: 


Breath deep into your belly and repeat “release” until you feel a noticeable shift in your body. 

Then I want you to compliment yourself on 3 things, sincere actual heartfelt compliments! 





This means, no victim stories. Even if there was infidelity, anger issues, addiction, or acting like a 12 yr old little boy. He did nothing to you, you are not a victim of his actions nor is your life any way because of him. It’s time to women-up and take full responsibility for your actions, experiences and choices. When we take full responsibility of our life, we actually start making better choices that align us with where we wish to be. Yes, when we stop blaming others and playing small we can step into our greatness. When we take responsibility, we remember that we are creators of our own reality. 


When you start creating, you stop whining. 


Ok, take a breath. This is a hard one for some of us to swallow. I get it, it was challenging for me to look in the mirror and ask myself why I created a parallel story to my own childhood.. infidelity and single-motherhood. I slowly digested some deep karmic stuff and came out feeling more empowered and enlightened then I had ever been. 


This one is a longer haul, so be easy on yourself and get out your journal. 

Ask yourself deeper questions, we are here to learn, so let us dive in! 

Here are some prompts to guide you in the right direction:


➵ “What lesson is this experience here to teach me?” 

➵ “If I was to take 150% responsibility of this experience, what would be different?” 

➵ “What aspect of me created this situation?” 

➵ “What needs to integrate to complete this cycle?” 

➵ “Where did I give my power away or turn my back on my own needs?”





The breasts are the gateway to the heart. Our body tissue is amazing and basically tells of the stories we are holding inside.


“Your issues are in your tissues.”


If you have a lot of tension weighing down on your heart, chances are you have tender spots in your breast tissue. 

It’s best to clear your mind, set an intention to release anyone/thing that is lingering in your heart, grab a yummy oil and massage your ladies. 

My fav breast techniques are here! 





The Yoni Blossom Herbal Detox Wand is a vagina detox all-star!! It’s like a face-mask for your vagina. When you insert this beauty, the herbs open your vaginal pores and the clay works to pull out toxins. This is amazing for pulling out physical and cellular residue. I recommend using the detox wand 2xs per week during this 30 day cycle with intentions to purge what is ready to go. 


I started using the detox wand after years of yoni steaming and doing energetic womb clearings. The first night I used it, I had a dream of an encounter I had with a dear friend. We were drunk and I was in between relationships and feeling desperate for connection and meaning in my life. I convinced myself that he was the answer and we slept together. The moment he was inside of me I began balling, and didn’t know why. After we finished I ran into the bathroom and I hid my uncontrollable sobs from him. I felt so ashamed and so confused.


I had put that experience somewhere so deep inside me that I convinced myself it never happened.  (sound familiar?!)


With this practice, I remembered, and was given the gift to journey through the process of forgiving myself and releasing the imprint from my body. 


Subtle situations like these remain as density inside of us. In my case it was holding shame, which is the #1 blocker of the 2nd chakra (creativity and sexuality).

Get your magical detox wand here, which includes a complementary empowerment guide. 


So, you see, these tools work. Your body wants to return to homeostasis and energetic perfection. When we have a fierce determination to heal and we get out of the way, everything is possible. 


Make a commitment sister, to yourself. If you are ready to fully step into your power, presence, and radiance you will follow through on your self-promises. If you are truly ready to manifest the life you want and the life you deserve, then you will start doing and stop trying. 


It’s 2020, it’s a new decade and time to make space for this new paradigm that you are creating. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, you first need to clear out what was. And even if you are in a loving partnership, doing this work will make space for you to connect more intimately, authentically, and deeply with your beloved. 


I love you. 

Let me know how I can support you.

Share your adventures with us below. We learn from each others experience and we heal from being witnessed. 


xx, Alila Rose Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup 



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