I have been deeply touched, deeply moved and deeply listening.

Change is here and we crave LASTING peace, empowerment and equality for our black brothers + sisters.

We must continue to show up and stand up.


I believe:

➵ Women hold the key to the greatest transformation and the deepest healing.

➵ The bloodline can be cleared and transmuted by women shedding their period blood with honor and prayer.


I know I have no clue what’s stored deep in the cellular memories of my black family as I’m walking in a lighter skin in this lifetime.

However, I have some access codes to open doors and have an ability to hold safe and supportive space while we discover, offer love to, and rise above.


** I’m offering 5 FREE WOMB HEALING SESSIONS to sisters of color this month. **

I will also continue to offer 1 free healing session a month – indefinitely.


The power that is inside you humbles me deeply.

I have always been amazed by the power, presence and strength of my black sisters!

I want to learn what is in your matriarchal bloodline, what are your ancestral hand-me-downs and this will better help me to understand the next steps to serve.


If you are a sister of color and desire a session, please email aloha@mahinacup.com to schedule.

And if you are a white sister looking for another way to support – you can sponsor additional healings.


This is a wild and beautiful time to be alive and feeling so much in the collective.

I know i’m probably doing it all wrong, and the only thing i can do right is move in a forward direction.


This has been needing to happen for FAR TOO LONG – and my deep deep humble apologizes for it taking this long to take action.

Ps. Please share with your black sisters so they can receive this womb medicine


With all love, prayers, healing + uprising of our brothers sisters,

Alila Rose Grace, FoundHer and CEO

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