What is the Mahina Menstrual Cup?

Mahina Cup is a reusable, soft bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and suctions snugly in the vaginal canal. Produced from the highest quality Health Grade, Class VI Silicone and designed with you in mind. 

Mahina Menstrual Cup collects blood rather than absorbs it, like tampons or pads. It warms to your body and moves inside with you. 

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How much money do I save a month by switching to the Mahina Menstrual Cup?

You will save approximately $250 per year, which adds up to about $5,000 savings over the course of your bleeding years.  

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What does Mahina mean?

(Ma- Hee- Na) means ‘Moon’ or ‘Moon Goddess’ in Hawaiian. As women, we wax and wane with the moon; she reminds and reflects to us our beautiful cyclical nature. Mahina shows us light and dark, and every phase in-between. We remember that whatever it is, it’s ok, that life is supposed to ebb and flow.

Every Mahina Menstrual Cup is a tribute to the Goddess of the Moon in the sky and in your belly. 

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Can the Mahina Cup cause yeast infections?

Mahina Menstrual Cup is pH neutral which means it doesn’t affect the delicate balance of your vaginal pH. Most yeast infections occur when this balance is offset. Tampons are acidic and often lead to irritations and infections. During your monthly flow, the cells in the vaginal canal are open and porous, vulnerable and receptive to what is inside. The fibers from tampons, even if organic cotton, often break off and can lodge into your vaginal canal, creating a dangerous environment and bacterial playground over time. 

We want you to have a healthy period and an even healthier vagina, so rest well and bleed free with Mahina Cup. 

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What if I have a yeast infection? Can I still wear my Mahina Cup?

Although menstrual cups have no relation to yeast infections, it may be more comfortable for you to wear a reusable pad alternative until the symptoms clear. This will allow your vaginal canal to get the most air flow and to ensure you are not harbouring yeast.  It’s recommended to change whatever you chose to use during this time frequently and boil/wash in hot water.

If symptoms are minor, and it feels comfortable to have your cup in, follow your body’s intuition and intelligence and reach out to your physician if needed. Remember, Mahina Menstrual Cup is 100% health-grade silicone; it does not absorb or give off anything. It’s pH neutral so doesn’t run any risk of carrying bacteria.

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How does the Mahina Menstrual Cup work?

Mahina Cup is inserted into the vaginal canal and sits just below the cervix. It creates a suction and collects moon blood while you move freely in whichever way you chose. After 12 hours, you take it out, empty the fluids, rinse it out and put it right back in. It’s simple and luxurious period care. 

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How do I know if the Mahina Cup is positioned correctly?

You will know it’s positioned correctly if you are having no sensations or leaks. You should not feel Mahina Menstrual Cup once inside.

If you’re having trouble with positioning, be sure to follow our user guide video.  After placing inside, gently feel around the rim with one finger to check that your cup has opened; then a slight tug down will ensure a proper suction in your vaginal canal. You want the whole cup to be inside and sitting just below your cervix. 

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How long can I wear my Mahina Cup for?

You can wear Mahina Menstrual Cup comfortably and safely for up to 12 hours. If it’s your first time, we recommend checking every 3-4 hours just to be sure you got the suction technique down and to see how much you are bleeding. It’s common for your flow to get lighter if switching from conventional tampons, so be patient and allow your body time to adjust. 

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How can I prevent leaks and spotting?

Make sure to watch our user guide video. The best technique is a gentle tug down once inserted to ensure proper suction in the vaginal canal. 

Leaks and spotting mean improper placement and weak suction. Experiment with putting Mahina Menstrual Cup higher or lower and take the time to really get to know your body. It can be a little bit of a learning curve, and we promise, with practice it will be second nature in no time. 

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How often should I empty my Mahina Cup?

When first starting your journey with Mahina Menstrual Cup, we recommend you check every 3-4 hours and here’s why.

  1. To see how much you are bleeding and to properly gauge how long you can leave your cup in for.
  2. To ensure you are getting the proper suction on your Mahina Menstrual Cup.

Once you get the hang of using and loving your cup, you will have the freedom of up to 12 hours between changes. Remember to empty and clean your cup at least every 12 hours for proper care.


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How do I change my cup if I'm in a public bathroom?

There are a few options if you need to change your Mahina Menstural Cup in a publc restroom.

  1. Bring a water bottle into the stall with you so you can rinse out your cup and put her back in.
  2. Wipe out your cup with toilet paper and reinsert.
  3. Take your Mahina Menstrual Cup proudly to the sink and tell any sisters, who glance over curiously, about her.

The main thing to remember, is your blood is safe to be inside you. If you have a lighter clean, while out and about, make sure to give your Mahina Menstrual Cup a proper rinse when you return back to a home or private bathroom.


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What's the best way to fold and insert my Mahina Cup?

We have found the most success with our ‘Tulip Technique.’

With one finger push down on the side edge towards the bottom until your Mahina Cup forms the shape of a tulip. By holding the base you insert the cup on a tilted angle.

When inserting, make sure the cup is placed far enough inside. The muscles inside the vagina will hug and suction to your Mahina Menstrual Cup to prevent leaking and movement. Here she can sit comfortably, just deep enough that you do not feel the stem. 

Once Mahina cup is inside, if it does not open automatically, you can take the base and swirl it. This will ensure it’s open and in correct placement.

 Tip: you can try inserting Mahina Cup before your bleeding begins to get the hang of it. 

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Can Mahina Cup get stuck or lost up there?

Relax sis, there is nowhere for Mahina Cup to get lost and no possibilities of her getting stuck. Your vaginal canal is a beautiful network of spiral muscles leading up to your cervix, a tiny opening that leads to your uterus. Unless you are fully dilated, nothing is getting through!

If you are having trouble with removing your Mahina Cup, here’s a few tips. 

  1. Get into a deep squat, this will position your pelvis in a way that automatically brings your Mahina Cup closer to the base of your vaginal canal.
  2. This is best done in the shower or somewhere with no worries about blood droplets.
  3. Relax, take a few deep belly breaths and trust your bodies ability to let go. 
  4. Take a deep inhale, followed by a deep exhale.
  5. With your thumb and first finger, reach for the base of your Mahina Cup, Exhale, and slowly bring down and out. 
  6. TADA! You are a Mahina Cup Ninja!! 
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Can I play sports with my Mahina Cup in?


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What about doing yoga, specifically inversions, is that ok?

Yes! With proper suction, you can stand on your head and twist as much as you desire, knowing Mahina Menstrual Cup has got you covered. 

Please check-in with your body and yoga instructor while performing inversions and advanced yoga asanas while on your period. We do recommend slowing down and allowing more time of rest. And it’s your body, so follow its guidance. 

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Can I wear my Mahina Cup overnight while I sleep?

Yes! Mahina Menstrual Cup is perfect for a solid night’s rest.

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Can I use the Mahina Cup if I have an IUD?

Mahina Menstrual Cup is used successfully by many women with an IUD. It’s recommended that you consult your physician and ask them to check the space between your IUD and Mahina Menstrual Cup. They can cut the IUD string to prevent dislodging.

Some things to keep in mind:

It’s important to fully break the seal of your Mahina Menstrual Cup when taking out.

Remove your Mahina Menstrual Cup slowly and consciously to ensure you don’t tug on your IUD string.

Leave space between your cervix and Mahina Menstrual Cup, possibly inserting lower in the vaginal canal to ensure this.


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Can I use the Mahina Cup if I have a retroverted uterus?

Every body is different so there is never any one rule that applies. However, many women with a retroverted or tilted uterus find using Mahina Menstrual Cup easy. It greatly depends on how tilted your uterus is and you may have to play with the positioning of your cup for greater effectiveness. 

If you do have a tilted or retroverted uterus, we recommend seeking a Mayan Abdominal Massage therapist in addition to a consistent Yoni Steaming practice to assist the uterus in returning to its optimal position. 

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Can I use Mahina cup if I’m a virgin?

Yes you can. We have specifically designed Mahina Menstrual Cup size 0 with our teens in mind. Our mini size, plus luxury silicone, makes it easy to use. The main key is to stay relaxed and trust your body’s intuition. It’s an amazing invitation to get to know your body before anyone else does.

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What does Mahina Cup stand for? What's your mission for the planet?

Mahina Menstrual Cup stands for the empowerment of All women while loving and respecting our planet.

We believe it’s the birthright of all women to bleed cleanly, consciously and confidently. We are passionate about offering the ‘best of class’ period solution for women in all stages of her cycle, while actively giving back to our sisters in need, so that all women everywhere may enjoy their period. 

We have a deep love and respect for both women and our planet. We are driven to support our sacred lands and pristine waters. Offering proper sanitary protection goes hand in hand with our clean water initiatives. Ridding tampons from our ocean shores is just the start; we also support global communities having constant access to clean drinking water.

We are sustainable, inclusive, empowering, passionate and educational. We align with forward thinking, conscious creators and are grateful to serve our planetary purpose. 

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Where is the Mahina Menstrual Cup made?

Mahina Menstrual cup is made in the USA. All of our product packaging is chosen ethically, and eco-consciously, based in the USA.

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What's your return policy?

We back Mahina Menstrual Cup with our 3-moon guarantee. 

We know what it’s like to make big changes, and we’re here for you every step of the way. Give Mahina Cup an honest trial for three full cycles, as we know there is a bit of a learning curve. We’re confident you’ll fall in love. If you aren’t satisfied, send us your cup and we’ll send you a refund (minus shipping).

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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. 

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How long does it take to ship and receive my Mahina Cup?

We bless and ship all our orders on Tuesdays. Within the US, it takes usually 3-4 business days to arrive at your door. International shipping is 7-10 business days. 

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How do I track my order? Where's my tracking number?

A tracking number will be sent automatically to your email once it’s in the post and heading your way. 

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Can I order from outside of the US?

Absolutely! We take orders from wherever you are.

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Where can I find your wholesale pricing?

Please contact aloha@mahinacup.com for our wholesale pricing list.

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Who can I speak with about distributing the Mahina Menstrual cup?

For opportunities to distribute Mahina Menstrual Cup contact aloha@mahinacup.com

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