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Falling into Autumn: Rituals for the Fall Equinox

In the northern hemisphere, after the Fall Equinox, the days get shorter as we move from summer to winter. From a time of liveliness and extroversion, to a time of turning inwards and reflection.


No matter where you are in the world, Equinoxes are a time for rebirth. For change.They are a pause in between the extremes. Days of equality. Where night and day are balanced. They are a time for reverence and celebration for all that has come, and all that has yet to come.


We love rituals around here, and what better time to create one than the powerful tide of Fall Equinox? On the two days of the year where we have equal amounts of night and day, the forces within us become balanced. It creates this portal with which we can dive into and plant seeds for manifestation, as well as wipe away self limiting beliefs that are holding us back.


I invite you to dive in to this magical day open, ready to receive, and ready to unfold. To support you in your Equinox journey, I have compiled a list of offerings and rituals perfect for this potent day.


Time in Nature


As always, Mother Nature calls us back again and again. She beckons you to put your feet to her ground, to swim in her waters, to feel the air like her breath against your skin. She asks you to feel the shifts as she moves through her seasons. To witness the mirroring of the same shifts happening within you. Savor her last days of late summer. Give endless thanks for all that she does for us.


Gratitude is the Attitude


Fall is harvest time. While many of us have access to fruitful abundance year round, the Equinox serves as a reminder to give gratitude to the harvests in our lives. Write it out. Make a list, a loving brainstorm, a compilation of doodles- something that allows you to see before your eyes the very tangible abundance that you are giving gratitude for. What harvests have come to fruition at this marking of transition? This could be anything from the food in your garden, opportunities that have flowed in, loved ones in your life, anything. Once you get started, you won’t be able to stop. Share it with your loved ones. The attitude of gratitude is infectious. 


Offerings are Everything


Keeping in tune with the attitude of gratitude, it’s time to give back in your way. Keeping the channel of giving and receiving open, means offering in ways that feel meaningful to you. Volunteer, offer your hand in support, cook a friends-and-family meal. One of my favorite ways to show my gratitude to the Earth, is to create an altar with supplies she gives me. Feathers, stones, rocks, fruits, berries. Whatever calls to me. I find a quiet spot in nature, and I create a mandala on the Earth’s skin. Decorating her with the materials she so generously offers. I sit in her peace, and breathe in the mysteries of the Universe. 


Nourish The Bod


Your body does a lot for you. So much. Talk about gratitude. Wow. Just as the Earth changes with the seasons, so do our bodies, and with that, our needs. Eating seasonally is not only beneficial for the planet, but for your health as well. This is a lovely time to pop into your local farmer’s market and ask your farmer friends what their favorite seasonal goodies are. Seasonal squashes are the first thing that comes to mind. With their hard exteriors, yet rich and delicious center, fall squash are the perfect medium to create medicinally packed meals. Infuse root veggie stews, mashes, and roasts with power packed ginger, garlic, turmeric, and other delectable herbs. Boost up your immune system through your diet before the upcoming sicko season. 


As the weather cools down, my taste for tea tends to pick up as well. In this late summer, early Fall time, I’ve been loving a fresh steeping of ginger, hibiscus, rosehips, and chaga mushroom. Experiment making your own fresh teas with herbs and things you find in your garden, or in the bulk section of your local market.


Honor Your Intentions


Any shift is a time to set new intentions. Tune in to what is truly calling to you in the upcoming year. What would you like to see harvested come next Autumn? Much like the gratitude exercise, writing these intentions out is powerful. Put pen to paper and don’t hold back. Push past any feelings of shame, guilt, or unworthiness, and communicate to the Universe just what it is your heart desires. Hold a ceremony over the list. A really powerful tool I’ve found for manifestations, especially when it comes to shame and guilt, is to use a mirror. Light some candles, set the tone, and stare into your own eyes. Repeat your list of intentions and desires over and over again, maintaining eye contact with yourself. You may cry, you may feel the discomfort of being so present with yourself, but you are saying loud and clear what it is you are calling in. And that you’re not afraid to face it.


Come Together


Last, but certainly not least, get together with your chosen people. We humans are here to celebrate, to connect. We forget sometimes, what with all the distractions laid out before us- that this is our purpose. Come together over food, over art, over love, over all that is beautiful. Come together to laugh, to cuddle, to cry, to sing, and to dance. Fall into the network of support and abundant love that holds every single one of us.

with divine abundance and love, Alilia Rose Grace, CEO Mahina Menstrual Cup

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