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embodying your sacred portal yoni eggs

Embodying Your Sacred Portal: Yoni Eggs

In a world where we live disconnected from our wombs, the sacred space that holds the capacity for life and creation, we often forget the power contained in our bodies. As women, or people with wombs, we have been conditioned from every angle to forget this. Our bodies have been objectified, taken advantage of, victimized, minimized, and torn apart. 


We’ve been taught to disregard the abilities that lie within us. To wander through life living in floating heads, forgetting that they are attached to bodies. To limbs that move and weave for us. To feet that carry us through life. To a core that supports and holds us. To organs that vitalize and propel us, pumping life through our beings. In a culture of disconnection, the secret lies inside us. Our ability to reach in and find the depths of our soul that moves through every one of our pores. 


An integral part of tapping into this space, the space within us, is rediscovering, reaffirming, and deepening the connection to our yonis. Whether or not you choose to birth children, this space represents a sacred portal. Our ability to breathe life into existence. This could be a creative endeavor, a relationship, a community, or a new human. When diving into self care, we consider our diets, facials, massage, acupuncture- all incredible tools- but we often forget that there’s more to us. Part of living a healthy, integrated life, is connecting to this sacred portal. 


As more and more people are awakening to this, we’re now seeing a rise in popularity in self care tools focusing on the vagina. Vaginal steaming, crystal wands, and of course- yoni eggs.


Yoni eggs developed in ancient China as a Taoist tool for strengthening the vagina. Taoism emphasizes living in accordance with nature, and the natural flow of life. It is believed that this practice was held secret by the Queen and her concubines in The Royal Palace of China. The revelation of this sacred practice has given countless womb-holders a key to their ability to unlocking their Chi, and their capacity for creation and abundance.


The yoni has the ability to transmute Chi, or life force energy. The more we understand the potential for connection and vitality within this space, the deeper our connection with source becomes.


While yoni eggs come in a variety of stones, in the beginning of your journey with them, it is recommended to go with Jade. Our Yoni Eggs (shop here) are made from 100% Nephrite Canadian Jade that will hold you in your practice in a gentle and nourishing way.

You then may move onto Obsidian. This volcanic glass holds the power of the Earth’s core within a small sphere. It allows you to root back into your own root, the chakra center that holds stability, safety, and security. It’s detoxifying nature will clear away blocks that are you keeping you from remembering the security within your being.

The next step is to call on the abilities of rose quartz. This ethereal stone contains the power of unconditional love. Love that fills up the places that you have made space for as you’ve cleared yourself of past pains. 


Yoni eggs give us a tool to tap into the esoteric, on a very real level. Much like using crystals for meditation, yoni eggs give us a tangible way to feel things that often go unfelt. We use the power of the Earth’s creations to get back in touch with our own power of creation. This potent practice brings us back into our bodies, and back into the physical realm that so many of us have checked out of. 


You may be asking yourself if Yoni Eggs are right for you. These powerful stones have the ability to heal us from many of the pains we store in our wombs. They can help to break up scar tissue, and strengthen the pelvic floor. If you are preparing to conceive, or may want to conceive at some point, they can aid you in touching back into your ability to produce life.

The incredible act of breaking through past and stored traumas is often enough to clear the path of fertility. Maybe you have experienced some sort of birth trauma, physically and/or emotionally. Using Yoni Eggs in the postpartum period can help to heal the pelvic floor, and make you feel like your body is yours again. Many people “numb out” as a result of sexual trauma. Your practice can help to thaw any areas that have become frozen. They help to clear your portal of past lovers, and other people’s energy that you no longer want stored in you. They allow you to deepen your connection with your sexuality, to find a more orgasmic, more ecstatic way of living.


While you can find many techniques and meditations using your Yoni egg (in fact we include a complimentary mediation when you purchase one through Mahina), it is an intuitive journey. We encourage you to explore, to try different approaches. While we must heal as a collective, it starts with the individual.

Your healing journey is yours to explore.

Your womb is yours to awaken.

Your Yoni is yours to embody. 



From our sacred yoni to yours, Alila Rose Grace CEO of Mahina Menstrual Cup

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