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Navigating Climate Change with Open Hearts

“Nature gives us everything for free. Nature doesn’t charge us money. All that nature asks of us, is that we protect it.” -Unknown


Living in cities, being bombarded with screens, and eating food from plastic containers- we sometimes forget that we are of this Earth. That our bodies are a microsom for the world around us. Our relationship with the Earth is a direct reflection of our relationship with our bodies.


This is especially true for women and female bodied people. As the Earth houses our bodies, we house the bodies of future generations. Whether we are conscious of it or not, every change that the Earth goes through, we feel in our bodies. 


The uprooting or devastation of trees and forests, we feel it in our lungs. The insane amounts of trash clogging our oceans, we feel as discombobulation in our nervous systems. The further we get away from grass, the less grounded we become. 


With all that’s happening in our world, it’s easy to become disheartened and disillusioned. But if our goal in these bodies is to become more open hearted, more connected, more loving- then how do we grapple staying aware of the world around us, without being filled with fear?


The first thing we need to do is check in with ourselves on the deepest level. In what ways am I choosing fear over trust and love? What steps can I take to first care for my body and soul in a way that I am constantly reaffirming that I am a part of this Earth?


This can be done through any number of ways. Breath, it all begins with your breath. Breathing in love and grace, breathing out anything that must be purged and cleansed. Practices that you already hold sacred to yourself such as Yoga, meditation, time with loved ones, and artistic expression. Putting your feet and hands in the dirt, if you don’t have any nearby, try rubbing the dirt from your potted plants in your hands. Go in water. If you don’t have a natural body of water near you, taking a salt bath is an incredible way to neutralize any anxiety, and connect with the elements. 


Do what resonates with you to come back to center. From this place, we can then go out into the world, and see what we can do on a bigger level. 


How much we stay up to date on current affairs, is such a personal decision. One that we often have trouble discussing, for fear of disagreements- because there is so much emotional charge to it. But part of being an active and engaged citizen of the world, is paying attention to what is happening around us. To do this in a constructive way, I recommend setting limits and boundaries. Use incredible discernment as to where your information is coming from, and where their information came from. 

Set time limits for how long you spend absorbing social media and news. Notice signals in your body, like clenching from anxiety or fear, that may indicate it’s time to sign off. While engaging in discussions and healthy disagreements are necessary for expanding our understanding of the world- it may be necessary to set boundaries as to who you engage with on these topics, and how often. 


As we grow our awareness of ourselves and the world, we begin to adopt more and more everyday behaviors as to how we can change our daily habits to lessen our environmental impact. Here are some of the biggest areas that we can change to make a difference.


  • Food. Eating is something we do multiple times a day, which means that every time we put something in our mouths, we have the choice to make it as conscious as possible. Shopping locally, minimizing animal products and cutting back on packaging are two huge steps you can take in your food consumption journey. Buying in bulk with your own containers, as well as going to your farmer’s market for produce are two awesome ways of doing this.
  • Self care. Changing the products you use during your moon time can significantly impact your consumption as a female bodied person. “About 43 million women in the United States use tampons. A woman who uses tampons monthly will buy more than 11,000 in her lifetime.” (1) Not to mention the many harmful chemicals in conventional feminine care products. By not using them, you are preventing them from being absorbed by your body, as well as the Earth. By making the choice to switch to a menstrual cup like the Mahina Cup, you are making an impact- one period at a time. 
  • Transportation. Walk, run, carpool, public transportation, dance, skip, crawl, or swim to your destination. If you have the option and ability to not drive somewhere solo- then by all means do so. 
  • Communicate. Communicate what you learn, how you have lessened your consumption, your love and reverence for the Earth. Be open to new ideas and ways of living. Communication is key. Passion and understanding creates a ripple effect.
  • Donate. Your dollar goes a long way when you contribute to organizations making an active effort to protect, converse, and restore our planet. 


No matter how you choose to navigate the world of climate change, consumption, and personal impact, I invite you to lead with love. Frustration and fear can make us push up against walls, that can polarize or paralyze us. Coming from a place of love, allows us to be open to what blindspots we may have, and addressing those of others’ from a heartfelt place.


Little by little, day by day, we can and will make a change. For ourselves, for the Earth, and for all the beings that inhabit it.


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How to have a Healthy, Luscious and Pleasured Yoni

Yoni is a sacred, sanskrit word that translates to “source of all life” or “sacred space” referring to a woman’s holy grail, aka vagina, between her legs. It is of utmost importance that we properly take care of our yoni.


Our sexual energy is power source and our pleasure is our gateway into the universe.


Pleasure has many forms. Pleasure is being in the company of a loved one, pleasure is dark chocolate melting on your tongue, pleasure is cuddles with your pup, pleasure is soaking in the sun’s rays and pleasure is getting lost and wild in nature.


Pleasure is a way that we move through life.


When we bring our yoni into balance, her potential for pleasure amplifies. Imagine cleaning out a dirty hose, or removing the kinks, this would lead to more water pressure. More water pressure is your juices flowing freely and ecstatically!


Below are my cherished tricks to amp up your pleasure portal with holistic self-care practices. Because let’s face it – you, yes YOU, deserve it!


Repeat after me, “Pleasure is my birthright.”

Again, “Pleasure is my birthright.”

And one more time, “Pleasure is my birthright!”


Ok, now you’re ready :).



This is one of my absolute favorite practices, especially living in the hot, humid tropics. Cucumbers are hydrating, ph balancing, alkalizing and anti-microbial. They are easy to find and extremely effective.


Pick a local, organic cucumber of medium size and width (play how you wish – the mini cucs are fun and easy too). Whatever size you chose, peel the skin. Take some time and space to yourself where you can really offer this practice as a self-devotion ritual.


Light a candle, put on some soft music, lock your door and prepare your temple.


I always begin with bringing one hand to my heart and one to my yoni/womb and connecting the two with my breath and intention.


Once you are ready, slowly bring the cucumber to your yoni lips and gently guide it in.


One of the great benefits of this practice is it naturally massages the vaginal canal while gently exfoliating off dead skin.


Slowly and with presence, bring the cucumber in and out of yoni while slightly rotating, it should feel cool and refreshing.


If at any point there is pain or discomfort, stop, check in and breathe.


I recommend this practice once or twice a week especially if there is any heat, yeast, bacterial imbalance or irritation from friction. It’s also a fantastic way to instantly bring down the body temperature!



2. Yoni Blossom Wand

This magical wand is not a luxury, rather a healing medicine! She is an herbal clay wand, antimicrobial and antifungal, that instantly exfoliates, detoxifies and tightens the vaginal canal.


As we cleanse out the yoni, things will come up – old lovers, traumas, trapped memories and emotions, ect. Our womb is our chalice, everything in our life creates a snapshot that is instantly stored in our sacred center. For this reason, it is important to leave time for emotional release and integration when using these tools and practices.


If you’ve ever been on hormonal birth control or anti-biotics, suffered from candida, bacterial infection, yeast infection or recurrent UTI, Yoni Blossom Wand will be your best friend! As your vaginal canal begins to rebalance herself, your yoni will transform into a sweet succulent nectar blossom! Say goodbye to itching, burning, yeasty, uncomfortable, inflamed, and insecure yoni blues!


Take her slowly and consciously, light candles, play soft music and ask consent with your yoni beforehand.

For a user guide and purchase details: Journey Here



3. Let her Breathe!

Organic cotton undies is the way to go! It is a breathable material that also absorbs moisture. Wearing organic cotton undies is an easy way to keep your yoni breathing, dry and held in softness. Best to avoid tight, latex, and non-breathable materials for your sweet sister down below. This causes blood flow restriction, excess heat, moisture, and can trap bacteria that leads to infection.


There are some epicly awesome sustainable brands available that you can sport in style.


I prefer and recommend natural-made loose, flowing clothing with no panties as much as possible. Your yoni needs to breath and it’s amazingly sensational to feel the fresh wind blowing on her. Especially if you are following the above protocols for alkalizing and detoxifying your yoni, you will notice no more heavy discharge which allows for a confident panty-free experience!


It is especially important that you allow your yoni space to breath freely overnight. If you live in a cold climate, experiment with organic cotton loose fitting pj’s or a sexy nighty.



Yoni Steaming is an ancient ritual, for healing and awakening of the entire pelvic bowl. Regular yoni steam treatments stimulate and clean out the lymph system, expel toxins and aid in cleansing the uterine lining of membrane buildup. It will also assist in thinning excess mucus leaving behind only vital, fertile sweet tasting and smelling fluids.


Steaming your yoni also increases circulation which in turn amplifies your sex life by increasing sensitivity and receptivity to touch and stimulation.


Creating a home yoni steam ritual is an easy way to honor your holy temple each and every week! You will feel more grounded, empowered, balanced and an overall sense of vitality from this deep self-care practice. Yoni steaming is not only a physical practice, it works on an energetic and psychic level as well.


It is truly inside out healing.


For a detailed guide, benefits and to purchase your very own home yoni steam spa set: Journey Here.




Open your legs and let the Light in, literally! This is one of the most ancient and potent tools for awakening energies in the yoni while giving her a sweet, warm sun soak. Your yoni lips (labia) will absolutely adore the vitamin D and it has been shown to actually boost the immune system and help alleviate yeast.


In the 1930s, before antibiotics, sunlight therapy (heliotherapy) was favored by the medical community and was proven to be the most successful treatment for infectious diseases.  The sun’s rays are deeply healing and also extremely activating. This practice invites and calls in the golden glow of life-force vitality into your whole being.


For a detailed guide on Yoni Sunning: Journey Here



Just like a full body massage, a yoni and pelvic floor massage has many amazing benefits. The yoni is no different from the rest of the body in the way that she stores tension, memories and trauma. Due to her extremely sensitive nature, she is more susceptible to store unhealed emotions of the past and present. Most diseases, imbalances, sexual shame and inability to experience joy and pleasure steams from build up and/or blockages in the yoni and pelvic bowl.


A compassionate and intentional massage will assist in unlocking these holdings, freeing you to experience more of who you Truly are.


Your yoni has a “voice” of her own. She has secrets to share, ancient remembrance, soul-filled guidance, deep feminine wisdom and emotions and pain to release. By giving her this Gift of presence and loving touch, you will begin to tune into and hear what she is yearning to tell you. You will become your own guide and Guru.


Always start with consent and intention.


Remember- the slower you enter, the deeper you go.

Start with light touch, moving and stimulating the lymph system.


You can do this solo or with a partner you trust, safety is Key!  


A dear sister of mine always says “the yoni is shy, you have to open all other channels first before she is ready” – this is especially true if there is any sexual trauma. The most important thing here is to relax and follow your breath, only go as far and deep as you feel safe to do so and know you can always come back.


Leave lots of space for emotional release and integration. This is a primary part of this practice that often gets left behind. It’s nice to work the entire pelvic girdle, thighs (inner and outer), buttock, and womb area before going inside.


I also recommend some focus on jaw, neck and craniosacral release to assist in total surrender. Approach your body holistically, every part of it has a unique role and essence to discover. Grab your favorite essential oil, dilute into coco oil, flip on some juicy tunes and enjoy your sacred self!

Feel welcomed to reach out with further questions, to share discoveries or to book a private session and go deeper into any of the feminine landscapes.


Blessings Beautiful Angel.

Cheers to your yum yum yoni!! xx


In gratitude,  

Alila Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup