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Reconnecting With Our Natural Rhythm

August 5, 2019 9:08 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I have big goals, ambitious dreams, a neverending drive to create, and make an impact on the world. Sometimes in the midst of all this production and creation, there’s a lapse in what we’re truly here for. Sometimes we lose sight of our “why”: Connection.   Connection to ourselves. To our loved ones. To nature. It all comes down to connecting to the world around and within you. Those times of complete bliss. Of fully surrendering to the moment. The joyous, depth of the moments that make up what we call life.    Last week, I spent three days away from my loving daughter Andara. After returning from my work trip, my baby was feeling anxious and clingy. It was apparent that her nervous system was over-stimulated, after days of worrying if her Mama would ever come back.   We are made of this Earth. So when things seem just a... View Article

Tour de Vagina

July 23, 2019 9:55 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Vaginas. About half the world has one. Many of us come into the world through one. Yet there is so much misinformation around them, that many people don’t even know exactly what a vagina is. When it comes to the female reproductive system, we’re often kept in the dark. This lack of understanding of our basic anatomy, keeps people from being able to truly connect with their bodies. The more we understand just how magical these bodies are, the more we respect and cherish them.   There are many variations, and things that make different vaginas unique and beautiful in their own way. But before we celebrate the incredible differences that make us who we are, we need to first understand the basic anatomy of female bodied people.   First things first. The whole area that people often refer to as a vagina, is not necessarily the vagina. There are... View Article

Smart Sun Optimization

We are Solar Powered: Smart Sun Optimization

July 22, 2019 3:15 am Published by 2 Comments

“The Earth has received the embrace of the sun, and we shall see the results of that love.” -Tatanka Iyotake   The ancient Greeks called it heliosis. Today we call it Heliotherapy. Have you heard of it? It’s the use of natural sunlight for the treatment of various disorders. Original Olympic athletes would sunbathe to strengthen their nerves and muscles. In the 1800s, it cured people of smallpox and tuberculosis (1). Indian Ayruvedic doctors use it to treat everything from arthritis to eczema. It helps treat acne, boost mood levels, and gives us the precious gift of life.   As humans, just like everything else on this planet, we have evolved and continue to grow with the never ending gift of love the sun provides. We’re designed to rise and set just as the sun does, our circadian rhythms gently falling into a peaceful harmony. To eat the nourishment that... View Article

Summer of Self Love DIY Spa Tips and Tricks

Summer of Self Love: DIY Spa Tips and Tricks

July 13, 2019 7:07 am Published by Leave your thoughts

In this summer self love session, we’re diving in head first into a pool of coconut oil and body scrubs. That’s right- a full breakdown of how to do a DIY spa day. All with goodies you can find in your kitchen and garden!   Do it step by step, or pick and choose what works for you and your schedule.    First things first: Set your sacred space.   Make space for a cozy zen zone, where you can relax while you lather yourself. Lay out some blankets (maybe a towel- it could get messy). Make some tea. Light a candle. Put on your diffuser. Burn some sage, or your cleansing tool of choice. Make the space. Your space.   Place one hand on your heart, one on your belly, or wherever feels meaningful. Take a few moments for deep breathing. Settling into your space, and into your body.  ... View Article

mess free menstruation clean your menstrual cup

Mess Free Menstruation: How to Clean Your Cup in a Public Bathroom

July 8, 2019 11:01 pm Published by 5 Comments

Menstrual cups have endless benefits. From saving money, to cutting back on waste, to allowing more freedom during your period, and minimizing leakage.    But with new practices, comes new questions. Especially when said practices revolve around the health of your yoni.    One of the most common questions I get about menstrual cups is “How do I clean it when I’m out and about?”   The thought of having to clean a menstrual cup in public, is enough to make many people blush. But there’s no need to stress. Cleaning your menstrual cup is as easy to clean at home, as it is at the bathroom of your local Yoga studio.   Mahina Cups are designed to last up to 12 hours without needing to be cleaned out. Which means you can run all your errands, go for a hike, and get brunch, without having to worry.   Try... View Article

How to have a Healthy, Luscious and Pleasured Yoni

How to have a Healthy, Luscious and Pleasured Yoni

May 9, 2019 10:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Yoni is a sacred, sanskrit word that translates to “source of all life” or “sacred space” referring to a woman’s holy grail, aka vagina, between her legs. It is of utmost importance that we properly take care of our yoni.   Our sexual energy is power source and our pleasure is our gateway into the universe.   Pleasure has many forms. Pleasure is being in the company of a loved one, pleasure is dark chocolate melting on your tongue, pleasure is cuddles with your pup, pleasure is soaking in the sun’s rays and pleasure is getting lost and wild in nature.   Pleasure is a way that we move through life.   When we bring our yoni into balance, her potential for pleasure amplifies. Imagine cleaning out a dirty hose, or removing the kinks, this would lead to more water pressure. More water pressure is your juices flowing freely and... View Article

3 Potent Practices to Blossom with Spring

3 Potent Practices to Blossom with Spring

March 25, 2019 7:45 am Published by Leave your thoughts

As we welcome spring into our homes, our gardens, and our wardrobe, we can also invite spring into our Being. Spring is a time of clearing out the old to make space for the new. It’s a fluttery, flirty energy that feels like a blossoming, open to embrace the increase in sunlight. In the sacred cycle of the Archetypal Feminine, spring time can be linked to the Virgin/Maiden energy. The Maiden is the lightness of heart and body that emerges after a heavy, dark winter of blood/moon time. The Maiden represents new beginnings and a purity of heart, womb and spirit. She portrays the innocence of childhood, where the soul’s dreams, magic and make believe, are alive. The Maiden Goddess appears when a woman is pursuing her own desires and ideas for herself. The Maiden puts herself first, she does what she wants, when she wants to do it. Here... View Article

5 Radiant Femme-Boss Hacks to Uplevel your Game Feminine

5 Radiant Femme-Boss Hacks to Uplevel your Game

March 25, 2019 7:30 am Published by 7 Comments

When we step into ‘boss mode’ we often step into our masculine. We make to-do lists, schedules, non-negotiables and get hyper-focused on the bottom line. Having the ability to integrate our masculine is an invaluable tool that really anchors stuff getting done, and effectively. However, when we are too busy pushing and grinding, we can forget to open to unknown variables and flow with spontaneity. When we are driving hard and fast in our masculine, we often finish the day exhausted, depleted and drained. The masculine essence is very penetrating, using his strong will and determination as the motivating driving force. The feminine essence is receptive, open to emotions expressing and plans shifting. She is tuned in and turned on to life. She uses her 6th sense to be in the right place at the right time, thus being more efficient and effective with her time and energy.   By... View Article

Protect your Assets, Magnetize your Magic and Strengthen your Energy Field with Kundalini Yoga

Protect your Assets, Magnetize your Magic and Strengthen your Energy Field with Kundalini Yoga

March 3, 2019 1:59 am Published by 4 Comments

Are you constantly trying to protect your energy and ward off danger? Are you wary of things being ‘too good’? I know you’ve been hurt before. It makes total sense that you have built protective mechanisms to feel safe in the world. I understand why you are constantly smudging your space and clearing your belly.   The thing is, if we constantly continue to give our attention to clearing and processing we will continue to magnetize more and more to continue processing and protecting. My friend Matt Kahn lovingly calls this the ‘Cosmic Janitor’ – it’s time to put the broom and smudge stick down, we no longer need to sweep the karmic basement.   As the feminine, it is our nature to want to open, to surrender and to allow. When we build walls around ourselves, we begin to close off to the magic. We stop talking to strangers... View Article

A Holistic Guide To Heal Yoni Yeast

A Holistic Guide To Heal Yoni Yeast

January 16, 2019 11:03 pm Published by 2 Comments

Yoni (Sanskrit — योनि ): womb; sacred space; vagina. Your yoni is an intricate, dynamic system – a galactic universe. She has her own pH, microbiome, ecosystem, delicate hormonal dance and built-in security to assist in maintaining a healthy equilibrium. Your yoni naturally wants to be in balance, and will clearly let you know when something/someone is throwing her out of whack.  She has a voice and speaks to us in symptoms. The more out of balance one becomes, the ‘louder’ the symptoms will get until they are unavoidable. If we learn to listen to her gentle guidance, we become a magnet for living a joyful, sensual, creative and abundant life! Signs she’s not happy – UTI, yeast infection, rash, smell, PMS, cysts, and the list goes on. One of the most important holistic self-care tools is deep listening. Allowing space, stillness and introspection: journaling, meditating, massaging, and seeking guidance... View Article

8 Ways To Prevent A Leaky Menstrual Cup

8 Ways To Prevent A Leaky Menstrual Cup

January 16, 2019 11:01 pm Published by 1 Comment

Our goal is for you to have an epic experience with Mahina Menstrual Cup. We desire for you to have confidence to do all that you love, even during your period. We know what it’s like to feel frantic about stains and leaks. We also know what it’s like to wear Mahina Cup properly and period like a bad-ass ninja!   So here is the 8 most common reasons for a leaky menstrual cup and how to fix it. 1.Correct Cup Size Mahina Menstrual Cup comes in 3 sizes. Our New Moon, size 0, is best for your first 10 years of bleeding (teens to mid-20s), light to medium flow and if you’re a virgin. Our Full Moon, size 1, is great for a sexually active sister who has a medium flow, has not given birth or has done vaginal toning exercises post childbirth. If you are having trouble with... View Article

What's Hiding in Your Tampons?

What’s Hiding in Your Tampons?

January 16, 2019 10:57 pm Published by 4 Comments

You deserve to know the truth, the whole truth. It’s important that we all make conscious consumer decisions to protect our bodies and our planet. I get it; it’s easy to lean into convenience and grab the easiest and cheapest thing you can for your monthly flow. So, that’s why it’s important you have all the facts to make the best decision possible. And so you don’t cheap out on your vagina, your grand central station! During your period, your vaginal walls become extremely porous; this means open and vulnerable to everything going inside. The harmful chemicals laced in modern tampons travel directly to your bloodstream and affect your whole body.   Here’s the troublemakers to be on the lookout for:   1.Rayon Rayon is a highly absorbent synthetic ingredient commonly associated with the increase of potential TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).   2.Dioxin Dioxin is the chemical result of chlorine... View Article