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swimming and your period with Mahina Menstrual Cup

Swimming + your period

March 21, 2020 10:27 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Shark week doesn’t mean shark bait. Let’s debunk swimming and your period. Listen love, you can be a mermaid, enjoy catching waves and floating in the sea while on your period. In fact, being in the water, defying the weight of gravity, is the best way to relieve cramps and that heavy feeling that comes in town with Aunt Flow.    I personally love to hang at the beach while on my period. I love the warmth of the sun, I love allowing my body to melt into the sand and I love to float in the water, weightlessly. With the Mahina Cup in place, I feel confident and free to enjoy a beach day + period day at the same time.    I’m going to let you in on a little secret.    Tampons absorb from both ends. Yes, that means if you are swimming and wearing a tampon,... View Article

5 Hot Tips for a Purring Pussy in Time for Spring

March 4, 2020 10:38 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Open the windows, let the light in and release the density of the long, dark winter. This is the energy of SPRING! So often we focus on cleaning our closet, refreshing our powder room, and even cleansing our winter belly to embrace the lightness of spring.    The spring energy matches the phase in our cycle just before ovulation or fertile phase. It’s the time when we take out the trash, clear the cobwebs, plant our creation seeds and dance in the spring rains.    Have you ever cleaned your pussy to welcome spring?    Our vaginal canal holds everything, emotionally, physically and energetically. It creates grooves, like scars, that tell the stories of our partners, patterns, beliefs and habits.    Have you taken antibiotics or hormonal birth control?    Have you been with a partner that you didn’t feel fully heart and soul aligned with?    This all remains... View Article

How to Make Your Flower Blossom

February 14, 2020 8:19 am Published by Leave your thoughts

“How  Did the rose  Ever open its heart  And give to this world  All its  Beauty?  It felt the encouragement of light  Against its Being.  Otherwise,  We all remain  Too  Frightened” ― Hafez   Happy love day. In our world, v-day is vagina day.  It’s the day when there is a collective focus on love, intimacy, and gifting bundles of blossoming flowers.  What makes your flower blossom?   Consistent water and attention are the 2 main ingredients for a healthy budding and luscious flower. Water is the daily nourishment of the heart, such as words of affirmation, acts of service and touch + affection. Essentially your daily watering is the daily receiving of your love language – ie. the ways in which you perceive you are receiving love from another.  The best and most effective way to get this daily water is to let your honey know specifically what makes... View Article

Where is Your Past Hiding?

February 14, 2020 6:02 am Published by 1 Comment

Have you ever had recurring dreams or thoughts of a previous lover?  Perhaps your love jam continually comes on the radio or every time you look at the clock it’s their birthday.  Maybe you keep bumping into them at the farmers market or driving past him after yoga class.  If this is happening for you, chances are your past is still hiding somewhere in your psyche.  When we are intimate with someone, they enter all of us. They imprint on our hearts, our yoni’s (vagina) and our psyche. Even when we consciously do the clearing work to evict them from our space, we sometimes find that fragments of them remain hiding and waiting to be discovered.  This often happens with big lessons from relationships, two days or 20 years, that left a deep imprint. It will come up for us to face a final thread as we are moving on... View Article

Women, Wombs + Water: Following Her Soul to Guatemala with 250 Mahina Menstrual Cups

Women, Wombs + Water: Following Her Soul to Guatemala with 250 Mahina Menstrual Cups

February 8, 2020 9:28 am Published by 2 Comments

When I first connected with Laura Carmody I knew instantly we had a shared passion and mission on this planet together! We are both deeply passionate about ending period poverty and supporting all women to bleed with dignity, hygiene and confidence.  Laura had spent some time journeying through Guatemala, where she was inspired to give back to the local village sisters. And I had shared all my stories traveling through India, South East Asia and South America. Laura and I decided to partner and launch a campaign to donate Mahina Menstrual Cups to the village women of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. She called it Women, Wombs + Water, as she also donated the other half of the funds to purchase water filters. I loved witnessing her fire and passion come through her sharing of this mission. She followed the calling of her soul and recently traveled down to Guatemala with 250... View Article

Just because he turns you on, doesn’t mean you have to go for it

January 20, 2020 9:25 pm Published by 6 Comments

Being turned on by someone is not always a clear indicator that it’s a green light. There are actually many times we will feel turned on (ie. yoni tingles, shiver up the spine, heat in the belly, fantasies about all night sex-capades, hearing wedding bells ringing and babies crying) and it may be a caution signal to run in the oppostie direction, rather than to get naked and frisky.    Our body is our compass and will show us the way home, yes. The universe, sometimes known as “The Trickster,” will also test and tease us when in the midst of upleveling, transition and evolution to see how much of our entire selves we are integrating.    I know you crave a deeper connection than good sex. If you are anything like me, and the thousands of sisters I have the honor of connecting with, you crave heart, soul, mind,... View Article

clear past lovers

How to Clear Past Lovers from your Womb, Heart and Mind in 30 Days

January 16, 2020 5:04 pm Published by 2 Comments

The natural biology of women is to open and receive. We take in. Our womb is the grand central station storehouse for everything we experience. It imprints all of our interactions, emotions and stories, the good the bad and everything in between.    This mechanism serves us in some ways. It creates bonding and deep connection with our lover, our children, and our experiences. We are able to take in their full essence. It can also create a massive entanglement of energy if we are not remaining open, clear and consistently & consciously recirculating the energy.    Imagine this, your womb is an empty space. Every intimate encounter creates a groove, like a scar, inside your womb. The bigger the attachment or experience, the deeper the groove. These grooves become like pathways, which pull our energy and attention to re-circuit over and over again. It’s like a hiking trail that... View Article

the doorway to the divine the ritual of numerology

The Doorway to The Divine: Numerology

November 7, 2019 9:40 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Many of us utilize tools and rituals to maintain a connection with the spirit world within us, while staying grounded to the world around us. There are genius systems that have been channeled around the world that allow us to tap into this universal knowledge, in a way that makes sense to us. A ritual like astrology, crystals, and Tarot, gives us the ability to see the patterns of the matrix. They give us clarity, so that we can navigate through life with a sense of purpose and sovereignty.    Divination is the process or ritual to predict, gain insight or understanding around a certain subject. This ritual gives us the ability to touch or be inspired by spirit. One system of divination that has gained popularity lately is Numerology.    Are there certain numbers or number sequences that have always stood out to you? Although you may not be able... View Article

what's the deal with pheromones

What’s the Deal with Pheromones?

November 1, 2019 9:53 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Pheromones. We’re all familiar with the word. The barely detectable, yet intoxicating scent that draws you to a certain someone. One of the driving factors in reproduction. But really what are pheromones? How are they produced in our bodies? Why are we drawn to certain people’s scents more than others? Let’s take a look and find out just what the deal is with these mysterious molecules.    Pheromones are airborne molecules, that when detected by a member of the same species, like human to human, elicit some type of response. They are considered ectohormones, which means although they are a hormone, they are excreted outside of the body. They are picked up by the olfactory system, which is what allows us to sniff and smell the world around us. Most insects use pheromones to communicate, and while we have many other methods of communication, pheromones may also play a role... View Article

embodying your sacred portal yoni eggs

Embodying Your Sacred Portal: Yoni Eggs

October 26, 2019 4:56 am Published by Leave your thoughts

In a world where we live disconnected from our wombs, the sacred space that holds the capacity for life and creation, we often forget the power contained in our bodies. As women, or people with wombs, we have been conditioned from every angle to forget this. Our bodies have been objectified, taken advantage of, victimized, minimized, and torn apart.    We’ve been taught to disregard the abilities that lie within us. To wander through life living in floating heads, forgetting that they are attached to bodies. To limbs that move and weave for us. To feet that carry us through life. To a core that supports and holds us. To organs that vitalize and propel us, pumping life through our beings. In a culture of disconnection, the secret lies inside us. Our ability to reach in and find the depths of our soul that moves through every one of our... View Article

the sacred practice of yoni steaming

The Magic of The Steam: The Sacred Practice of Yoni Steaming

October 16, 2019 11:08 pm Published by 1 Comment

Yoni Steaming. If you’re hip in the world of self care and womb wellness- you’ve probably heard of it. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, we’re here to get down and steamy. To answer some common questions, and see just what the deal is with this incredible practice. If you aren’t a devotee yet, you’ll surely be converted after just one session of what some call “A hug for your vagina.”   While it may seem like a new trend in the world of wellness, yoni steaming is a practice that goes back from ancient Mayan healers and midwives performing bajos to Korean healers with the practice of Chai-Yok.   Yoni or vaginal steaming gives us the chance to dive into the portal of the divine. To spend time with an area so many of us neglect outside of sex and birth. To purify and clear away the generations of heaviness... View Article

conscious condoms and vaginal health

Conscious Condoms and Vaginal Health

October 15, 2019 1:47 am Published by 1 Comment

Sex. Most of us are doing it at one point or another. This sacred act is one of our greatest gifts as humans. The ability to connect, to create, and to collapse into another.    The practical act of having sex comes with certain logistical measures that need to be taken. The biggest being preventing sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. While there are numerous options for preventing unwanted pregnancy, there are less when it comes to STDs.    If you are choosing to have penetrative sex, whatever the iteration of your relationship may be, you may also be choosing to use condoms. For many of us, our first experience with condoms was seeing a health teacher slip one onto a banana, or our parents embarrassingly handing us a stack “just in case”. While it is important to practice “safe sex,” what wasn’t discussed was the possible implications of the... View Article