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  • Aloha, I'm Alila Grace.
  • Get ready for a high activation, devotional deep dive that will be eye opening, heart melting and pussy activating. Restore balance, unleash your orgasmic nature, and step into your magnetic radiance to attract all you desire.
  • Let's go! x

Ready to Conceive? 

Conscious conception is a path with many winding roads.

Together, we will create the way that's right for you.

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Looking for a supportive transition into Motherhood?

Receive support to awaken to your true power, sexuality and sacred signature as Mother.

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Painful pussy problems?

Every symptom is a signal from your body. Pain is the messenger.

We will decipher the messages and transform Pain into Power!

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Sacred Bridge into Motherhood

Do you feel confusion, anger or frustration every month when blood drips from your thighs?

I know how challenging it is trying to conceive and not getting anywhere.

Or trying to manage PMS symptoms when you have SO much to do and it only slows you down every month.

Every period represents a chapter in your bodies timeline and is encoded with a message specifically for you, for this cycle.

Let's crack the code!

Some common themes:

  • ➵ Fertility + conscious conception or conscious contraception
  • ➵ Cycle tracking + empowerment
  • ➵ Optimizing your life in sync with your cycles
  • ➵ Connecting to hope on the conception journey
  • ➵ Rebalancing hormones
  • ➵ Tuning into your body and her rhythms


Where we are headed:

  • ➵ You will have deep insight to your hormones and how to play on the same team for a juicy, activated and accelerated life.
  • ➵ You will be a women in tune with your body, masterful in riding life's ebbs and flow.
  • ➵ You will take charge of your cycle and your choice to conceive, when and if you are ready.
  • ➵ Your body, psyche, heart and soul will be lovingly prepared to create life.
  • ➵ You will be a nourished empowered femme boss ready to take on the world.
  • ➵ You will have a juicy sex life, feeling excited and driven by pleasure.
  • ➵ You will know when you are fertile by an internal compass that we will awaken together.

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Juicy mama

Hey Sexy Ma, Yes YOU!

Are you still trying to find yourself after motherhood?

The transition into motherhood comes with a steap learning curve and a lot of uncertainty.

We create ridiculously high expectations of ourselves to pop out a baby, bounce back into our bodies and our sex lives, continue to share our gifts with the world and feel like a failure when we are drowning in drool and hormones.

However, you CAN be a powerful, inspired, sexy mom boss who lights up the world, your family and your service!

Let me show you those moves.


Some common themes:

  • ➵ Uterine or vaginal prolapse
  • ➵ Urinary incontinence
  • ➵ Healing a birth trauma + injury
  • ➵ Postpartum blues
  • ➵  Postpartum Intimacy
  • ➵ Balancing motherhood + the world
  • ➵ Activating your mother codes

Where we are headed:

  • ➵ Sexy, bad-ass mama running her life, her home and her business with focus and pleasure.
  • ➵ Orgasmic, frequent love-making with self and partner.
  • ➵ Full release and healing of trauma, able to open to life again.
  • ➵ Loving to twerk, bounce, run, and do any high impact exercise without peeing or dropping your uterus on your yoga mat.
  • ➵ Waking up with zest, appreciation and ready to be fully present and engaged.
  • ➵ You friends will be begging you for your secret supermom ninja skills.

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"I walked away with an embodied love of my Feminine Soul & a renewed sense of inspiration in my Desire to commune with the Power & gifts of what it means to be a wombyn."

-Ganaia Karnis, LMT + Arvigo Practioner

Pussy Power

Deciphering the Wisdom Within

Do you suffer from itchy, painful or dreaded pussy symptoms?!

Your body is not hating on you, she guided you here because she has something to tell you.

Ready for some pussy alchemy?

You have landed in the right place if want to orgasm like a Queen and walk around like you have ruby's dangling between your thighs.


Some common themes:

  • ➵ Reoccurring UTI, Bacterial Vaginosis, Candida, STDs
  • ➵ Healing + Clearing old relationship patterns
  • ➵ Endometriosis: Healing from painful periods + infertility
  • ➵ Polyps, cysts, tumor on reproductive organs
  • ➵ Sex Magic for your best life

Where we are headed:

  • ➵ You are an orgasmic squirting sensation.
  • ➵ You are a radiant magnetic queen, manifesting all that you desire to you effortlessly.
  • ➵ You understand your body as your authority and have a deep understanding of her messages.
  • ➵ You are a sensual Goddess, running your life in tune with your pleasure and purpose.
  • ➵ You are able to follow your pussy like she's your north star.
  • ➵ You know who you are, what your mission is and you move forward with courage and zest.

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"Since discovering Alila I have increased my knowledge of my womb space and no longer dread, but actually CELEBRATE my moon cycle (period). I am more rooted in my decision making and learned 5 epic practices and tools I now use regularly to improve my vaginal health and my sexuality.

My relationships, my business, and my health have greatly improved due to working with Alila Grace. If you work with her, I strongly believe you will see your life improve too!"

-Sarah Fay Schaaf, founder of Show it Off Podcast


Meet your Mentor, Alila Rose Grace

Alila Rose Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup,  is a menstrual advocate as well as a holistic sex and wellness educator. She is an international speaker and writer, encouraging woman to embody their radiance and reclaim their personal power. Alila is a mamapreneur, deeply passionate about inspiring women to honor our planet and bodies. She has traveled many corners of the globe, receiving ancient wisdom traditions and translating them into accessible practices for our modern lives.

Alila has had the absolute honor and pleasure of studying with amazing masters and leaders while globe trotting and embodying the most important skill of all, universal language. All of her teachings have been alchemized through her to bring you the most cutting edge, soulful experience. She blends her embodiment of Divine Feminine awakening and relentless optimism with modern modalities of holistic health, neuroscience and somatic experiencing. She has a profound ability to weave the ancient with the present moment.

Your soul is in for a treat!

For extended bio journey here.


"I will honestly say Alila Rose Grace is the most positive, uplifting woman I have met. She radiates in pure joy, deep wisdom and sparkling health. Her wisdom is lovingly delivered, delightfully deep and easily assimilated.

She will hold you safely as she co-creates with you your inspiration and healing. She is a rising female leader in womyn’s health, especially yoni and womb health, today.

-Darby Partner, CPM

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