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Protect your Assets, Magnetize your Magic and Strengthen your Energy Field with Kundalini Yoga

Protect your Assets, Magnetize your Magic and Strengthen your Energy Field with Kundalini Yoga

Are you constantly trying to protect your energy and ward off danger?

Are you wary of things being ‘too good’?

I know you’ve been hurt before. It makes total sense that you have built protective mechanisms to feel safe in the world. I understand why you are constantly smudging your space and clearing your belly.


The thing is, if we constantly continue to give our attention to clearing and processing we will continue to magnetize more and more to continue processing and protecting. My friend Matt Kahn lovingly calls this the ‘Cosmic Janitor’ – it’s time to put the broom and smudge stick down, we no longer need to sweep the karmic basement.


As the feminine, it is our nature to want to open, to surrender and to allow. When we build walls around ourselves, we begin to close off to the magic. We stop talking to strangers and allowing people in. We may find ourselves  in a constant state of judgement or spells of protection.


In a universe of ‘all is energy’ how do we find the balance between completely trusting the flow and also holding practical discernment?


Imagine this: the world is our external mirror, reflecting back to you what you  put out. So every time we drop a token of love into the collective, another reason to love returns. Every time we judge, criticize, or dramatize, the universe will continue to feed that story. This means we get to choose what we desire to have reflected back to us.


If you look into the mirror and smile you will receive a smile.

If you look in the mirror and frown you will receive a frown .

This is a micro-cosmic lens of the macro-cosmic reality.


Ok, stay with me.


Obviously we don’t have complete control over our external circumstances and how other people around us behave. However, we do have control of our emotions and our thoughts. We have control over how we wish to perceive our external environment.


We have control over our sensing of danger lurking or magic awaiting.


Here’s the secret, if we spend consistent quality time strengthening our energetic body, refining our mind and focusing on the good, then we can spend less energy on protection and discernment. With a strong auric field, which you can think of as  an extended energetic outline of your physical body, danger won’t even be attracted to you. . When we take the time to fill ourselves with love and light, that is exactly what we will magnetize. So we can spend more time celebrating and less time processing – hallelujah!

A refined human has an aura that can extend up to nine feet. A strong aura automatically uplifts and improves mood, as well as the whole body system. It is a subtle space that interweaves us with the universe and allows us to attract opportunities, vitality and wealth.


Our aura provides natural protection against disease and a negative environment. When the aura is weak, there is a sense of vulnerability to everything around us, like germs, attitudes, and emotions. When our aura is defragmented we feel shrunken, confused and dim.  


“The aura changes. You are ten trillion cells. They change every seventy-two hours.  A person can lie, but the aura doesn’t lie. You can very rhythmically read it; it will tell you everything. We want to grow in our strength, right? That’s the purpose of life: to be vital, to grow, so we can face every day, every person, every relationship, everything with excellence.”

-Yogi Bhajan


Let’s experiment. Here  is an invitation to spend the next 40 days taking 5-10 minutes daily  to strengthen and light-infuse your auric field. Do this at the beginning of the day to set the tone and intention of the day. Journal your progress and report back.

We want to know how it feels when you can open and trust more.

We are eager to hear how the magic flows into your experience as you focus more of your energy on strengthening from the inside out rather than protecting from the outside in.


Here are 3 easy and potent Kundalini Yoga practices or Kriya for Strengthening the Aura.

This kriya can be found in Sadhana Guidelines manual available at The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings.


Sat Nam,

Alila Rose Grace, Founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup 


  1. Stand up and bend forward so the palms are on the ground and the body forms a triangle. Raise the right leg up with the knee straight. 
Exhale and bend the arms and bring the head toward the ground. 
Inhale and raise up to the original triangle pose. 
Continue this triangle push-up for 1 minute. Switch legs and continue for 1 minute.

  1. Sit in easy pose. Extend the left hand forward as if grasping a pole so the palm faces to the right. 
Cross the right hand beneath the left, palm down. 
Drop the thumb so the palm faces the right. Grasp the left hand (put the right fingers over the left hand). 
Inhale and raise the arms to 60 °. 
Exhale and bring the arms down to shoulder level. 
Keep the elbows straight. Breathe deeply for 2 to 3 minutes. Then inhale and stretch the arms up. Relax.


  1. Bring the arms in front of you with the hands at the level of the face, palms facing each other about 6 inches apart. As you inhale, swing the arms down and back. 
Exhale and bring them forward to the original position. 
Continue for 3 minutes with deep rhythmic breaths.


chakras balance lower triangle

Chakra Alignment: Balancing The Lower Triangle

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re familiar with the Chakra system. Chakra means wheel. These wheels of energy lie along the Nadis. Nadis are lines that allow Prana, life force energy, to circulate through the body. In Ayurvedic, traditional Indian medicine, there are an estimated 72,000 nadis. The seven main Chakras are concentrated centers of energy along the middle of the body that spin and circulate, much like a wheel. 


The lower three Chakras, the root (Muladhara), sacral (Svadhisthana), and solar plexus (Manipura), together make up what’s called the “lower triangle”. Having a balanced lower triangle is crucial to living a harmonious life. Unfortunately, imbalances are becoming all too common. Let’s take a look at what these three Chakras do individually, how they operate together, and how to treat imbalances. 


The first chakra, root, or Muladhara Chakra lies at the base of the spine and pelvic floor. It is represented by the color red and the element of Earth. It gives us our foundation, and sense of security. An imbalance may cause lower back and leg pain, a lack of trust that your basic needs will be met, and a general feeling of being uprooted.


The second chakra, sacral, or Svadhisthana Chakra is in the sex and reproductive organs. It is represented by the color orange, and the element of water, and gives us fluidity in expression, creativity, and our ability to move our life force in a circular motion. Imbalances may include UTIs or other vaginal infections, a lack of creative inspiration, and a disconnection from the sensations of pleasure.


The third chakra, solar plexus, or Manipura Chakra is in the navel center. It is represented by the color yellow, and the element of fire, and gives us our personal power, self will, and internal agni, or flame. Imbalances may look like digestive issues, a lack of motivation and confidence, and an inability to tap into your personal power.


These three chakras together make up the lower triangle. This lower triangle sets the foundation of our lives in this Earthly realm. To be balanced humans, we have to feel rooted and sturdy, have a fluid flow of expression and sexuality, and have the confidence and self will to move through life with our own driving force. A balanced lower triangle allows us to feel embodied. From there we are able to move into the space of the heart, and spirit realms. 


When the lower triangle is imbalanced there’s a sort of incongruence in someone’s behaviors. In anything they are doing whether it be work, communication, or relationships- there seems to be a lack of resonance. There’s a sturdiness when the triangle is balanced, and without that, things just feel off. 


We don’t live in a society that promotes this harmony. Too many of us carry generations of trauma in our bodies that manifest as imbalances. We live disconnected from the Earth and from each other, while often neglecting our true strengths and wishes.


There’s a tendency in spiritual communities to brush off our human needs or desires. That they are “less than”. We are in these human bodies, because we have lessons to learn within them. To minimize the needs of our primal instincts and desires, is to disregard part of the human experience. We need to be in touch with these desires. We need to have our basic needs met in order to tap into esoteric realms from a grounded place. 


These bodies are made of minerals and compounds that allow us to magnetize to the Earth. To maintain our connection to the planet and the elements within us is an act of reverence to the many layers of living a life of gratitude and devotion.


Now that we have an understanding of what the lower triangle is, let’s go over some useful tools to help maintain balance in the Chakras…


  • Kundalini Yoga is a system of thousands of Kriyas and meditations that work to balance the nervous and endocrine systems, as well as the brain and spirit. Compiled by Yogi Bhajan, this system for “householders” allows people to live an optimal life while going about their normal lives. Teachers put a strong emphasis on balancing the lower triangle, and many exercises and breathing techniques strengthen the naval center and lower body. 


  • Yin Yoga involves using props and bolsters to support the body in poses that allow the gentle unraveling of the connective tissue, or fascia, of the body- and the stories that it holds. The potent practice gives us the chance to slow down and drop into the body. 


  • Dance. Movement, fluidity, expression. It gives us the chance to feel how our feet connect to the ground beneath us and how our internal flame ignites and allows us to create art from our lower center. 


  • Chinese medicine: Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other tools used by Chinese medicine practitioners balance the Qi, or life force within the body. 


  • Connect with the Earth: Spending time in nature allows us to connect our roots to those running beneath our feet. Much of the dysregulation we feel within us comes from being disconnected from the Earth. Hiking, swimming, gardening- anything that gives us the chance to deepen this connection. 


  • Community: Whether it be your blood or chosen family, connecting with community allows us to feel grounded. We can drop into our bodies and feel the interconnectedness between each other. It also gives us an open space to practice our self will and expression. 

Living with a balanced lower triangle allows to come to peace with unresolved anger, to live a life full of pleasure, and to go after our dreams and desires with the container to hold them. We are able to create a life that feels deeply satisfying and fulfilling, from which our spirit can pour forth. 

with balanced bliss, Alilia Rose Grace, CEO Mahina Menstrual Cup

How Yoni Steaming Will Change Your Life

How Yoni Steaming Will Change Your Life


Sage. Aum. Intentions. Steam. Meditation. Serenity. Awaken.

Warm steam arises from a sweet crevasse beneath me.  It gently warms my yoni and invites her so sweetly to open. Like a rose petal, blossoming, she awakens and becomes receptive to the medicine that is entering. Sacred flowers and herbs are meticulously picked and boiled for this ancient ritual. Time is taken from my modern-day business to drop in, to be and to breathe; space allowed to focus all my attention on my beautiful Yoni (ancient Sanskrit word for ‘sacred gateway’ or ‘vagina’).

Some go to church, yoga, or dance, while I go to my Yoni Temple every Sunday morning and pray. I have made this ceremony a part of my weekly holistic vaginal upkeep (excluding moontime). Through experience I recognize the valuable gifts it offers back to me and because it feels so good, I continue showing up for myself again and again in this way.  

“Every woman’s uterus needs attention, love & gratitude. When we are One with the womb, we are One with the Goddess.

– Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Womb Shaman


Boost Fertility – Yoni Steaming is widely used for increasing fertility due to its powerful ability to cleanse the uterus of any old, stuck residue. This makes for a beautiful clean ‘home’ ready for a sacred occupant.  If you are trying to conceive, it’s a powerful tool for bringing forth all dreams and creations into physical manifestation;t increases magnetism, abundance, creativity and feminine radiance.


Balance and Regulate Hormones – Yoni steaming is a direct path for herb and plant allies to penetrate the uterus. When boiled, the herbs release volatile oils, their unique medicine. As the warm steam opens and relaxes the outer labia, the inner labia swells and exposes herself.  The steam softens the cervix while the blood streams then carries the herbal medicine to the entire reproductive bowl.


Detox – Regular yoni steams stimulate and clean the lymph system, expelling toxins from the pelvic bowl. It also exfoliates the uterine lining of any residue membranes and buildup. This is really important to do especially after birth, miscarriage, abortion and hormonal birth control. Yoni steams are like a magical reset button.

Sweet Nectar – Due to the natural detoxifying effects of yoni steaming, your vaginal nectar will naturally begin to taste and smell sweeter as your body moves towards a more alkaline state. You may first experience an increase in discharge, as your uterus self-cleanses. Then the steam spa will thin excess mucus, leaving behind only vital fertile fluids.

Connect to the Cosmic Womb – Yoni Steaming, aka Bajos, v-steam and chai-yok, is an ancient practice, through many cultures, made modern. By connecting deeply into your feminine essence, your personal power source, as well as the Source of Creation, you will align to the will of the collective womb. All wombs are linked through an energetic current, or web, that is untethered by time and space. This means that as you are doing amazing healing for yourself, you are also liberating your ancestral and future generations.

Moontime Grace – After initiating a regular yoni steaming practice, your moontime will naturally become lighter and easier.. By cleansing the uterus of old blood and stagnant energy, while increasing circulation, yoni steaming aids in soothing all premenstrual symptoms, emotionally and physically. Check out Pain-free Period with the Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming for a detailed guide on how to ease symptoms.

Increases Sensitivity and Pleasure – Yoni steaming increases circulation, bringing more sensitivity and sensation to the vaginal canal. As it also tones and detoxifies, it resets the yoni to its natural state. This increases sensitivity and receptivity to touch and stimulation. Also, with regular steaming and loving attention, any pain or numbness will begin to fade, making space for more pleasure.

Self Love – Turning your attention towards yourself in a loving way is an act of self love.  You are focusing your vital mana (life-force energy) back onto yourself, for your own evolution and awakening. You are stating that you are worthy, you are deserving, and you are receptive to love and devotion. Yoni steaming is taking the time for you.

Yoni Guru – Your yoni knows best; always. This ancient practice gives you the key to tap into your innate wisdom and Divine Feminine intelligence. It invites you inside; to your intimate, sacred and powerful center. It is trusting the generations of wisdom that has been passed down from womb to womb to be here with us today.

Activates Kundalini Shakti – Yoni steaming is a deep spiritual experience. It awakens and fires up Kundalini Shakti, potent life-force energy that resides at the base of your spine. The steam sends the energy upwards and through the chakras (spirals of vital energy that contains codes for enlightenment).

It’s Changed Mine – Regular Yoni steaming rituals have changed the way I interact with my own body and the body of the world. It changed the way I eat, make love, speak to my yoni, take time for myself, and feel beautiful and worthy. It’s lightened and shortened my moontime, rid any symptoms of PMS, increased pleasure and sensuality in my yoni, and awakened me from the inside.

This is why, sister, I am passionate about sharing this potent information with you.

My vision is that it inspires you to try something new, and Remember Who You Are.

Let’s get started!


What you’ll need to create a Yoni Steam Spa in your own sacred space:

➵ Mahina Deep Steam Yoni Seat – Lovingly hand-made and blessed on the sacred island of Hawai’i from all natural wood and an organic beeswax stain. It increases your ability to relax into the ceremony and sensations and directs the channel of steam directly at your vaginal canal and anus opening. Why worry about squatting over a boiling pot when you can press the easy button?!  Our steam seats are easy to store and easier to use. I also take mine on traveling adventures and love to drop into the land by using fresh herbs and flowers I pick there. More details and purchase information here. 

➵ Yoni Steam Herbs – All organic herbs picked, blessed and dried for your yoni sauna. We offer different combinations for various intentions and needs. More details and to purchase here.

➵ BPA-free 5-gallon Bucket – Your Mahina Deep Steam Yoni Seat was created to easily sit on top of the bucket. This is the best way to enjoy yoni steaming with limited storage space or on the go. You can always find a bucket to fit and create a quick throne for yourself to steam. I also love to wrap a sarong or fabric around my bucket to offer a more sacred feel.

➵ A metal, ceramic or glass bowl to hold your steamy herbs.


You got this sister.

It’s time to Rise!

I love you,

Alila Rose Grace, Founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup