Mahina Menstrual Cup

New Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup  

(Size 0)

Our smallest size menstrual cup for those beginning their period journey.


Mahina Menstrual Cup

Full Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup

(Size 1)

The ninja menstrual cup for sisters in their childbearing years with a lot of ground to cover.


Mahina Menstrual Cup

Super Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup

(Size 2)

Our super mom, superhero menstrual cup that covers the heaviest of flows and busiest of ladies.


Mahina CUp Size Quiz


The Mahina Cup is produced from the highest quality

health-grade silicone.

It's safe to use, easy to clean and enjoyable to wear.


I. Yoni Shakti

Your ultimate vagina charge up!

II. Yummy Yoni

For a luscious, healthy and radiant vagina!

I feel so blessed that I came across Mahina Cup, it has changed my life completely!! Every time I get my moon cycle, I feel so grateful I found this cup!  -Samantha, CO



Mahina Cup offers 3 unique sizes.

Let’s face it, we all have a unique shape and size, we all have different needs for play and protection, and it matters- YOU matter!


(Ma- Hee- Na) means 'Moon' or ‘Moon Goddess’ in Hawaiian.

Mahina Menstrual Cup moon

A women's body waxes and wanes in reflection of the moon.

Imagine a mini moon inside your belly, ebbing and flowing.

The moon reminds us of our beautiful cyclical nature. We are shown light and dark, and every phase in-between.

When we sync with the moon we sync with the rhythm of Life.


Mahina Tail

The average female uses about 20,000 tampons or pads in her lifetime!

Imagine every sister you know walking around with her mountain of menstrual waste.

Now imagine those same sisters with only 1 Mahina Menstrual Cup.

You see the difference?! 

How long do you think it takes tampons and pads to decompose?

Go ahead, guess!

** 300 YEARS **

Every sister, every month has a choice to make a gigantic planetary impact in one way or the other. 

That Choice, my friend, is Yours.

There are more pieces of micro plastic in the ocean than there are stars in the milky way.

Simple + Clean + Confident

Mahina Cup is a reusable bell shaped cup that sits snuggly inside your vaginal canal. It collects your monthly flow, rather than absorbs it and it's easily emptied rather than discarded as waste.

Just like tying your shoe, once you get the hang of it, using Mahina Cup will soon be 2nd nature! 

Save Your Dollars

Breaking up with the tampon aisle means spending your cash on more exciting things than period protection every month!

Switching to Mahina Menstrual cup will save you about $250 per year!

That's more than $5000 savings that you can spend on something + someone you love.


Celebrate 12 hours of Leak-Free Protection!

Imagine having a period you actually enjoy or even celebrate.

That it’s something that brings deep meaning and connection for you. 

Your period becomes a time you honor and appreciate. 


Life is just so fast + you’re busy kickin' booty. 

The truth is love, you can’t afford not to. 

There will come a time when your body forces you to listen. 

Don’t wait!

You are ready to boss your period like you boss your life.