Mahina Menstrual Cup

New Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup  

(Size 0)

Our smallest size menstrual cup for those beginning their period journey.


Mahina Menstrual Cup

Full Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup

(Size 1)

The ninja menstrual cup for sisters in their childbearing years with a lot of ground to cover.


Mahina Menstrual Cup

Super Moon Mahina Menstrual Cup

(Size 2)

Our super mom, superhero menstrual cup that covers the heaviest of flows and busiest of ladies.


Mission Driven Mama Serving Period Liberation!

Alila Rose Grace, founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup,  is a menstrual advocate + holistic wellness coach. She is an international speaker and writer, inspiring women to live in their purpose, passion and pleasure. Alila encourages your personal mission, through the translation of your body's wisdom, as a tool to awaken the heart of humanity. Alila is a mamapreneur, deeply passionate about honoring our bodies and our planet. She has traveled many corners of the globe, receiving ancient wisdom traditions and translating them into accessible + potent practices for our modern lives.


Mahina Cup is born from the highest quality

health-grade silicone.

It makes periods fun. Pinky promise.

I feel so blessed that I came across Mahina Cup, it has changed my life completely!! Every time I get my moon cycle, I feel so grateful I found this cup!  -Samantha, CO


Mahina Cup comes in 3 sizes.

Fitting your V for a Mahina Cup is not like fitting your behind for jeans. Your vaginal canal and our silicone is much more flexible than your booty and denim.

However, we did create an extra size just to make sure we got your flow covered. 

And we took the guessing game out of menstrual cup fitting with our premium SIZE QUIZ.

You're welcome. x


(Ma- Hee- Na) means 'Moon' or ‘Moon Goddess’ in Hawaiian.

mahina goddess

Your body waxes and wanes with the moon.

Imagine a mini moon inside your belly, ebbing and flowing.

The moon reminds you of your beautiful cyclical nature.

You are see light and dark, and every phase in-between.

When you sync to the moon you sync to the rhythm of Life.



You will use about 20,000 tampons/pads in your menstrual lifetime!

Imagine every girl + women you know:

       walking around with her mountain of menstrual waste.


       only 1 Mahina Menstrual Cup .

See the difference?! 

Every month you have the choice to make a gigantic planetary impact.

Not so fun fact: There are more pieces of micro plastic in the ocean

than there are stars in the milky way.

Conscious + Confident + Clean

Mahina Cup is a reusable bell shaped cup that sits snuggly inside your vaginal canal. It collects your monthly flow, rather than absorbs it.

It's easily emptied, rinsed and reused rather than discarded as waste.

Just like tying your shoe, once you get the hang of it, using Mahina Cup will be 2nd nature! 

Count Your Chedda

Stop wasting money on tampons and pads!

Switching to Mahina Menstrual cup will save you about $250+ per year.

I know you have big goals to crush and having that extra dough means you have more to invest in what matters most.


Mahina Cup Featured In:


Celebrate 12 hours of Leak-Free Protection

"S#%@! It's been 7 hours and I still have this dang tampon in. I hope I don't die of toxic shock syndrome. Am I going to be ok? Is my body going to be ok? Why do they make this so hard?! I have enough other things to worry about....

Instead you can exhale and relax, knowing your Mahina Cup can stay inside for 12 hours while you do what you love.

There is ZERO risk of

➵ Toxic Shock Syndrome

➵ Bacteria or yeast Infection

➵ You losing your mind trying to track tampons